Been a while since I've had any ideas, but here goes…

Item #: SCP-AAA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-AAA is to be kept in it's storage locker and only handled by female personnel unless it is for authorized testing procedures.

Description: SCP-AAA is a scrap of paper reading "May you know our pain and never be tempted to cheat again." Testing has shown the paper and ink to be consistent with readily available types from the mid 1960s to early 1970s. The handwriting has led to no further conclusions as to where the note may have originally come from, though efforts have concentrated on ██████, Illinois, since it was located and retrieved there on July 19th, 19██. The item is not overtly dangerous if it doesn't come into contact with males, and shows no active ability to influence its ability to come into contact with same. Upon contact with a male it may take several hours to notice the effect, except under controlled circumstances. The immediate, noticed effect of SCP-AAA is an inability for a male to achieve physical sexual arousal, despite a mental preparedness for it. This will continue for 27 days from first contact with the paper, though the effect seems only communicable if the paper is read in its entirety. Transmitted images do not appear to carry the same effect. On the 28th day after exposure, the afflicted male will become physically aroused upon awakening, and will mantain this state for 24 hours or until REM sleep has been achieved. This state commonly leads to aggression in the male, more so as the state is maintained for extended lengths of time. Reports from affected males have referred to vasocongestion, or increasing pain in the testicles, attributable to semen build up. Common street parlance for this condition, according to several Class D afflictees, is "Blue Balls." While this condition may be alleviated by a release of the seminal fluid, the continued state of arousal will lead to repeated build up, many afflicted report a physical inability to keep up with the rising pressures. In some cases the afflicted will develop priapism, the only currently known method of treating this is through surgical use of shunts to divert blood flow, though the penis will maintain its erect state due to the continued flow of blood to the area. If the case of priapism is left untreated the penis may develop gangrene, requiring amputation. This will not alleviate the continued symptoms of the SCP. After the afflicted male has left the 24 hour arousal period, they will once more be unable to achieve sexual arousal for the following 27 days. Class D's administered medical aids have reported no change in the condition. The cycle continues until death. However, if the male is allowed to room with a single female for a period of 5-6 months, the cycle seems to adjust itself to the womans own ovarian cycle. Ongoing research with Class D personnel must be approved, as the typical monthly terminations are bypassed, unless stated otherwise in the research request.

Ignore these, they're old and I don't know what I want to do with them yet, if anything.

The next few SCP ideas are going to belong to something I'm calling the Psychiatrist series. Independent SCP ideas with the same general backbone. The only reason is because of my current method of searching for interesting ideas.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX should not be exposed to women who are pregnant, may become pregnant or have had children unless it is for testing purposes authorized by Dr.████████ or the current head for this project. If SCP-XXX is exposed to a female with children she should not be exposed to the children again, and the family will be told she died in an accident, with Class-A Amnesiacs administered as necessary.

Description: SCP-XXX is an artificial pheromone that causes mothers to become incapable of recognizing their own children. If children go into hysterics the affected mother will begin producing the pheromone and any other female in the area will have memories of their children erased. If said female does not have children she will be capable of producing the pheromone only if she is approached by a child in hysterics. This approach allows for production of the pheromone in lab settings with childless women. If the affected female does have children she becomes incapable of recognizing their own children after ██ hours. The memetic virus was brought to Foundation attention on ██/██/19██. Records indicate the mother and child had visited a psychiatrist by the name of Dr.████ for treatment of helicopter parent syndrome. Review of city records reveal no doctors by that name and efforts to locate Dr.████ have proven futile. After the original outbreak the small town of ██ was killed off in a explosion reported to media sources as the result of a natural gas leak in an attempt to contain the spread of the pheromone. The current means of transmission are one (1) bottle of the pheromone produced after a child went into hysterics when mother couldn't recognize him. The pheromone is produced by the mother when the child goes into hysterics, it is at this point viable. If the current supply is used in testing it should bereplenished with amounts from the previous test. Any outbreaks should be reported to the project head immediately.

The previous idea needs to be rewritten and such, but its on a back burner atleast for a while.

Item #: SCP-???

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-??? should be kept in a locked minimum security locker. It should not be administered outside of approved tests.

Item Description: SCP-??? is a box full of pills meant to be taken orally. The box currently contains One thousand seven hundred sixty nine (1769) pills. Chemical composition has determined the pills to be composed primarily of chemicals frequently found in the brain or stimulants that will cause the production of certain chemicals. Other compounds, such as ████ have remained unidientified in purpose and origin, and all attempts to sythesize them has remained futile. However, it is the affects of the pills, and not their composition, that has caused them to fall into Foundation custody. When taken as directed, the pill causes the subjects imagination to function on a higher than average level. The effect at first seemed useful, as it increased cognzance in subjects and also raised subjects deductive reasoning capabilities. But after about twenty-four (24) hours (dependent onbody weight and average chemical production in the subject) the brain begins producing ever escalating amounts of the chemicals found in the drug. The subjects mental functions begin spiraling out of control as they imagine less and less likely scenarios. Eventually the imagined scenarios become so strong that they become real to the subject. This has caused most subjects to become aggressive or to attack themselves. Lucid reasoning after about thirty-four (34)hours is impossible, and communication of any type becomes impossible after about thirty-six (36) hours.

This may end up as some sort of story involving a memetic virus (or likewise transmission) that causes the infected to be incapable of returning to any place they regard as home. Person to person this varies in area affected as well as length of time taken to regard an area as home. If forced to remain in an area after regarding it as a home, the infected subject will begin suffering severe mental trauma until removed from the area or the infected subject has died. Infected subjects also seek out greater social situations. This SCP has been determined to be the cause of ██% of the homeless population in ██████, ██.

So, now it is time to give my SCP ideas the backbone I mentioned. Where did they come from? Why? How are they so similar? In real life its because I decided to look at the most basic human needs, interactions and functions. In universe itsbecause of The Psychiatrist.

The Psychiatrist: His Journals

Entry One (Recovered at ██████, ██. The Journal was found with SCP-???)

Hello my former colleagues. I trust you are reviewing this for any trace of my motivations or thoughts. I know I did when I worked with you. Each and every time someone made a new one of those blasted anomalies. Questions if they were around, studies if they weren't. Andwhile I'm thinking about you, how are the horror stories that are comingin today? I trust they are just as horrible now as when I first worked with you. Is my replacement getting along well? Or has he faltered and ended up spilling his guts on his pretty new lab coat like you did on your first day, Simmons? Anyways, enough with the pleasantries. Back to the matter at hand. I am so scared. When I was working with you something happened. Something slipped or broke inside of me whil I worked for that bloody Foundation. They trusted me, as head Psychological consultant. And when I saw my chance, I ran. Back to some semblance of normality. I figured I could go back to being the naive young doctor that was willing to fight all the mental wrongs in the world. So willing to just… …help. And thats what got me, or rather, us, in trouble. I just want to help. But evry time I try, I think I'm done and something goes wrong. At first it started small. Mis-diagnoses, or saying something that in any other case would help, but this time sent my patient into depression, or an agitated state. And as I saw my failures I knew I had to try harder to redeem myself. So I though bigger. Rather than fix one person in my practice -And that was a tall order. I can't stay long in one place or one of those bloody agents will manage to find me- I could develop approaches that would help with everyone with the same disorder. I am the best at what I do. That is why The Foundation hired me that blasted day. So naive I was.
But wanting to help is the root of my problem, as I said before. So the first time I saw a mother who was ruining her son's life. She did everything for him. The boy couldn't fix himself a sandwhich, much less survive in the real world. So I decided to fix it. It is called "helicopter parent syndrome" a rather apt, if ridiculous, name. So I remembered the memetics I had run into in my work with you. Those agents that would come in, so mentally scared that it was easier to give them new personalities than to just try to fix them up. So I determined to do the same thing here, albeit on a smaller, subtler scale. Andof course I have no way to create a memetic. So I chose pheromones. I did some interesting work with them before, and during, my time at the foundation. Adrian? Rachel? Guess why you two are going out. You thought I didn't know? Of course I did. I made you go out. So I did the same here. I just wanted the mother to give her son some freedom, to let him breathe was to let him, for the first time, truly live. But then HE snuck in. He is what slipped, or broke, inside of me while I quietly worked with you. And HE has access to all my knowlege. So HE changed the pheromone. Just like he changed my minds on my diagnoses before, or my ears to the small hints my patients had given to me. And when I finally realized what HE had done, it was too late. And HE will not allow me to fix it. HE now pushes me to the next town, HE now occassionally speaks through my lips, my hands. And HE pushes me to help once more. I know not where HE leads me now, nor what HE will make me do, but may God have mercy on my soul. Or both of them. Whatever I may be.

End First Recovered Entry

Entry Two (Recovered at ████████████, ██. It was found near SCP-AAA)

He-he-he. Ha-ha-ha. I'm Schizophrenic. I'm a schizophrenic psychiatrist. And don't give me that bull about schizophrenia maybe not being a real disease. What ever crackpot mental expert thought that up must not have ever BEEN schizophrenic. I am convinced that the only way to make HIM go away is to beat HIM at HIS own game. I must actually help someone. Or maybe that is how he is playing me. Its hard to reason against someone thats inside your very own head. Simmons, you play chess against yourself, right? Do you know what I'm talking about? I digress again. HE has managed to thwart me once again. When I was young I had no friends. This is important, stay with me. I haven't digressed yet again this time. I later discovered I was autistic. I had aspergers. I remember how the kids made fun of me. That is why I went into psychiatry, so that I could help children like myself. I lost my way when I was with the Foundation. Maybe that is why I snapped. I'll leave that to you, my former colleagues, to decide. But, I guess the reason I tried to help that child with the helicopter mother (While you chaps are analyzing me, come up with a better term. Something more… …Foundationee) was because I knew that he would be incapable of interacting with other children equally as long as he was protected and helped so much by his mother. So, now, God help me, I have tried to help another child. This one is autistic, has aspergers. He is unfortunately like myself at his age. And I knew he was the next person I had to help. In my work at the Foundation I ran across some wonderful chemicals and compounds. I realized their worth to medicine. And I told no one what I had discovered. SCP-500 isn't all that special. Someone like me could synthesize it, or tailor it. We would need 15 more years technological growth, but it is possible. And while I didn't synthesize anything too special this time, you fellows and the scientists should have fun. Just examining them makes them change. The Foundation is a wonderful place to gather knowledge, something I'm afraid HE did all too well. And I have digressed again. You have, doubtless, found this new SCP. The imagination pills. Wonderful things they could have been. Give them to a person with difficulty extrapolating situations and he would suddenly be able to know what was happening. I thought these would be safe. How can you mess it up? But I never counted on HIM making it so the body continued producing those chemicals. Now, anyone that takes the pills is doomed to be more mad than even I. I'm so scared. Stop HIM. Stop me.

End Entry Two

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