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SCP-1218 in it's enclosure.

Item #: 1218


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1218 is to be kept in an enclosure of 3.048 x 3.048 meters containing soil, several rocks and eucalyptus trees. The temperature is to be kept between 25C and 30C, and humidity is to be kept near 60%. A small pool is to be provided for water and bathing, and must be changed every week. Due to the presence of eucalyptus, it is prohibited to bring any firestarting materials (matches, lighters, etc.) into the enclosure. Enclosure doors are to remain locked save for feeding and testing times, but SCP-1218 otherwise requires no special guard. Outside of testing, personnel involved with SCP-1218 will refrain from exposing it to any form of music/recording device, regardless of what sort of speakers are utilized. Personnel involved will also need to review and memorize prohibited vocabulary.

Description: Aside from being somewhat small and lacking the fear of humans typical to its species, SCP-1218 is an average specimen of a male Menura novaehollandiae, or Superb Lyrebird. Left to its own devices, 1218 tends to engage in behaviors typical to its kind, ie: foraging for food, preening and bathing, etc. Like its wild brethren, SCP-1218 exhibits the extraordinary ability to accurately replicate sounds it has heard.
It is only when SCP-1218 is exposed to key words that it’s anomalous properties become apparent. Testing so far has uncovered five words which elicit reaction, all of them “bad” or “off-color”.

Word Reaction
damn SCP-1218 screeches loud enough to destroy the human eardrum.
fuck SCP-1218 emits a sound at the same frequency of viteous humor, eventually causing the eyeballs of all present to hemorrhage
hell Emits sound which causes nausea in all present. Severity dependant on time exposed.
cunt A rash appears on the speaker. SCP-1218 appears to do nothing.
shit “Brown note”. Those within the vicinity of SCP-1218‘s voice lose control of their bowels.
[REDACTED] SCP-1218 violently defecates until the offender is gone.This is not a tactic employed by Lyrebirds in the wild.

It may be of note that the words “bitch” and “ass” do not elicit any sort of reaction from the bird, aside from mimicry, nor do compound words such as “goddamn” or “motherfucker”. Whether this is because SCP-1218‘s previous owner did not consider them “curse words” or simply did not have the time/drive to teach the additional cues is unknown at the time.

addendum 1218-01
While not sapient, SCP-1218 does possess the cunning to use its ability with sound to try and escape. It should be noted that no less than two individuals should be involved when cleaning the enclosure. We don't want to have to lure it in with snack mix again. -Dr. ██████

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