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Soooo.. I'm new to writing SCPs and this is my first one. It stills need work.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in an 6 x 5metre cell, furnished as a standard human bedroom with bed, book shelf (which may be filled with whatever books SCP-XXX requests), desk and lamp, completely devoid of any reflective materials. Subject may be given any clothing items she requests, as long as these items do not conflict with security protocols. Level-1 personnel, wearing heavily tinted glasses, are to be placed on permanent guard outside subject's door. Guards are ordered to restrain SCP-XXX if possible and only terminate her if necessary.

Any contact with SCP-XXX must be conducted after subject is sedated and -mirrored sunglasses- a completely opaque blindfold affixed over her eyes with [CLASSIFIED]. Any individuals entering subjects chamber must be wearing heavily tinted sunglasses and under no circumstances are any personnel to show SCP-XXX their eyes.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a young, attractive Hellenic female 169 centimetres in height and of average build. Subject's eyes are a bright blue and hair is light brown. Multiple personnel have reported feeling uncomfortable when they see subject's eyes. Subject was discovered after investigation to multiple deaths of healthy victims from supposedly natural causes in ███████, Greece. The recovery team suffered multiple losses, with only Agents ███████ and ██████ surviving.

SCP-XXX is not immune to injury, and it has been speculated that, if needed or wanted, subject would be easy to terminate. However, due to the enormous benefits of harnessing subject's power, all personnel have been advised to keep subject alive no matter the cost.

Studies of SCP-XXX's powers have discovered that, should subject see any other living organisms eyes, the organism will immediately die. No reason for death has been discovered during an autopsy and subjects appear to have died from natural causes. If SCP-XXX sees her own eyes, in a mirror for example, she will immediately black out for roughly 2 hours. Subject either cannot or will not control this power.

SCP-XXX also exhibits minor mind control, although this mainly manifests as an ability to get weak willed individuals to reveal their eyes. SCP-XXX has, on multiple occasions, removed the blindfold over her eyes despite it being fixed in place with [CLASSIFIED], suggesting subject's physical strength will be augmented if she is in danger ie. when her primary means of killing cannot be harnessed.

Addendum XXX-B: As of ██/██/████, SCP-XXX's eyes are to be covered with a completely opaque blindfold. It appears that her ability does not rely on someone seeing her eyes, but on her seeing a living thing's eyes.

Addendum XXX-D: Contact with SCP-XXX must still be conducted by individuals wearing heavily tinted glasses. Subject appears to be able to easily remove blindfold if she wants.

Addendum XXX-F: Portion of recorded transcript of XXXXXXXX

<Begin Log, skip to 00h-01m-17s>

Dr. █████: Where are you from?

SCP-XXX: Where you found me.

Dr. █████: I mean, what happened to your parents? Do you have any?

(Long pause, sounds of Dr. XXXXX shuffling uncomfortably)

SCP-XXX: Can you imagine, never being able to look into a living person's eye? Can you imagine the loneliness? I just want to talk to people…

Dr. █████: Talk to me. Tell me about your -stops when SCP-XXX removes blindfold-

SCP-XXX: I bet you have beautiful eyes. You should remove those glasses. I really want to see your eyes.

Dr. █████: That's not necessary. Let's talk about your parents, or maybe your siblings?

SCP-XXX: (voice drops to a seductive purr) Come on, take your glasses off. Show me your eyes. I bet you want to see my eyes without those glasses on.

(Short pause)

Dr. █████: This interview is over (leaves room).

<End Log>

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