Item#: SCP-67

Object Class:

Euclid (Safe)

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-672 samples are biological hazards, but expose no extraordinary risks of contamination - accordingly it is a ‘Safe’ class SCP and standard Biological Hazard protocols are more than sufficient.

Male carriers of SCP-672 are carriers of a sexually transmitted infection, and to be treated accordingly, but otherwise expose no particular risk and may be treated as ‘Safe’ humanoid SCP’s.

Female carriers of SCP-672, in addition to being carriers, pose potential psionic risks that increase as the density of carriers increases. Accordingly they are to be treated as ‘Euclid’ class humanoid SCP’s. Unless testing psionic phenomena no more than five compatible carriers be within a radius of 25 meters at any given time, nor should a facility have more than 15 compatible carriers total within the grounds. Should a situation require concentrations higher than recommended density within an area use of minimal amounts of SCP-148 may be used to prevent stronger Gestalt minds from forming over larger areas; SCP-148 is to be returned to storage.


SCP-672 appears to be a radical mutation and adaptation of Toxoplasma Gondii to allow sexual reproduction in human hosts. It was originally discovered in a village in the French Alps, and since has been found in an infected group of Chimpanzees in the Congo and an outbreak in rural China. The large geographical range of the outbreaks may either indicate a more widespread infection area than seems obvious, or specific but as yet unknown conditions that allowed for outbreaks in these specific regions.

Outside of Primates SCP-672 has a lifecycle identical to the original T. Gondii parasite, reproducing in felines, and infecting but not reproducing in other warm blooded creature, eg mammals and birds. Symptoms of T. Gondii infection (Toxoplasmosis) in humans are similar to a low grade influenza, neither pleasant nor typically life threatening. After recovery T. Gondii develops microscopic cysts throughout the body including the brain - There is evidence of these cysts having differing psychological affects on human males and females, most typically causing asocial withdrawal, lower rule-consciousness and greater jealousy in males, and notably greater warmth, conscientiousness and moralistic behavior in female carriers along with small but statistically significant increases in IQ. Other psychological effects such as depression, schizophrenia et al have been observed in either gender.

SCP-672 has adapted to allow for sexual reproduction in Humans, Bonobo and Chimpanzees, though evidently not in other mammals (including primates) other than felines. T. Sapiens induced Toxoplasmosis in humans has markedly different physiological effects than the original form.


In Primates, after an initial dormant period lasting from 35 to 90 days, SCP-672 is infectious via soft tissue contact (including intercourse) though not blood born. As the carrier shows virtually no signs of infection there is typically no more issue with obtaining sexual contact than there was prior to infection (and given the psychological and physiological effects, perhaps less - See below). Female » Male infection rate is approximately 25% given extended contact, but the slow onset, mild symptoms and long dormant period conspire to make outbreak spread both rapidly and quietly. Male » Female infection rate approaches 100% given intercourse, but the psychological effects on a male carrier hinder rather than enable close contact. In both cases the use of standard prophylactic condoms are approximately 85% effective in reducing infection risk.

Physiological Effects

Infection results in enhanced immune response to any other infection besides T. Sapiens, increased libido, and moderately improved physique in males, with similar but more pronounced enhancements in females - most particularly female musculature is approximately 30% stronger than expected for a women of a given size, mass, and apparent condition.

Psychological Effects

Males show signs of increased diffidence regarding females. There are changes in testable intelligence of less than ½ standard deviation, typically but not always negative. Woman have increased self-esteem, positive changes in intelligence of up to 1 ½ standard deviations, and moderately increased levels of non-violent aggressiveness.

Hive Mind

The creation of cysts in a female brain seems to create a resonant telepathic field, capable of connecting adult women of similar psychological profiles. Groups of more than 3-4 adult female carriers, no longer dormant, and of similar psychometric temperament, will almost certainly develop telepathic link and accompanying gestalt personality that increases in power as more women are assimilated into it. Use of SCP-148 to calibrate the effects verify the telepathic nature of the link and that the strength increases at an exponential rate based on the number of adult women forming the gestalt personality. While individual personalities are strongly dominant, the gestalt mind acts as an informational and processing link between it’s members and seems to develop an individual personality based on but independent of the personalities it is derived from.

Members of the Gestalt exchange data on a virtually instantaneous basis as it is needed by any particular member, whether the data is technical or emotional. Physical skills are not exchanged, however the underlying understanding of the principles is - being a member of a Gestalt containing a martial artist does not make one per force a martial artist - muscle memory must still be practiced before it is retained. However the knowledge of how to practice and learn martial arts is exchanged as required.

There is evidence of further telepathic capabilities, including the ability of members to read the minds of researchers, connect with other telepathic entities. After an initial willingness to cooperate in testing Gestalts have rapidly become unwilling to allow the Foundation to map out their full capabilities, however see addenda 672-13 below.

As the Gestalts under the auspices of the foundation are almost certainly not the only gestalts in existence, until the full ramifications and limits of this hive mind are understood female carriers of SCP-672 are considered (subject to review) Euclid class entities. Male carriers are provisionally considered Safe class entities.


composed of 5 Class D personnel, was terminated during an attempted escape.
comprised of 7 Chinese females, has been administered Class-1 Amnesiacs and physically separated in an attempt to see what the limitations of retaining the gestalt are.
Results Mixed (See SCP-672-2-Field_Operation_Logs)
SCP 672-3
the only currently active Gestalt under SCP control, comprised of 14 members (Including two Class-D personnel, termination postponed for study), nominally scored as ENFJ in Myers-Briggs nomenclature.


Dr. ██████ Pending further genetic mapping SCP-672 is tentatively titled Toxoplasma Sapiens or T. Sapiens.
Dr. █████████ Genetic Mapping of SCP-672 shows more deviation from T. Gondii than readily accounted for by random variation. Seems increasingly likely SCP-672 is the result of genetic manipulation rather than random mutation.
Lt. ██████ During an overlay while transfering to Site-17, SCP-672-3 (then consisting of 12 individuals) carriers evidently sensed SCP-035 from considerable range while it was being changed to a new holding container during their exercise period. SCP-672-3 made some form of telepathic contact with SCP-035 as they approached the chamber, resulting in an immediately hostile reaction from SCP-035. Activity within the chamber of SCP-035 became frantic as SCP-035 attempted to goad SCP personnel into engaging members of SCP-672-3.

SCP-672-3 seemed at least as hostile toward SCP-035 as it was towards them, but refrained from attempting to attack it in it’s chamber with SCP personnel hostage to the situation. However SCP-035 seems, based on the relative calmness of it’s chamber in the weeks since then, to have expended a great deal of energy in contesting the area with SCP-672-3.
After psychological appraisal by Dr. ████, SCP-672-3 seems entirely immune to either telepathic or psychological manipulation by SCP-035. SCP-672-3 proceeded to Site-17 without further incident.
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