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On the off chance you care enough to read this, this is my Sandbox page. Hell yeah. Any SCPs that I work on will probably be posted here before they are posted on the main site.

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An instance of SCP-XXX, discovered in [REDACTED] on 07/05/1986

Item #: SCP-XXX – “Lost Dolls”

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXX are to be kept in a standard containment cell, located on Site-██. This room is to be kept under constant video surveillance, with all instances of SCP-XXX arranged such that all are visible at all times. In the case of equipment failure, personnel are to be dispatched. An immediate count must be made to ensure no instances were lost. As soon as surveillance is reinstated, agents are deployed in an attempt to locate any and all missing instances.

Description: SCP-XXX is a number of small dolls, in various states of damage. Currently, the number of instances of SCP-XXX in containment totals 27. However, an unknown number of instances currently exist outside the Foundation.

When unobserved, SCP-XXX is capable of instantly moving to another location. SCP-XXX's maximum range has been estimated at 250 km per day. Any form of observation, direct or recorded, is capable of preventing this from occuring. Due to the fact that SCP-XXX can not be observed while moving, the method SCP-XXX uses to relocate itself remain unknown. (See Addendum XXX-01)

Instances of SCP-XXX generally try to relocate to populated areas, often in out of the way areas, such as alleyways, side streets, and unused roads. If SCP-XXX remains unnoticed for a period in excess of 4 hours, it will relocate once again. This will repeat until a human being comes across SCP-XXX. In roughly 10% of all cases, the individual will choose to bring SCP-XXX home. In all other cases, once they have noticed SCP-XXX, it will begin to follow them, either by relocating itself onto the subjects's person, for example, a bag the subject is carrying, or by repeatedly relocating itself to keep up with its target. SCP-XXX will continuethis behaviour until the subject has returned to their "home" or equivalent.

Note: An adult is considered anyone over the age of 15. A child is anyone under 15. SCP-XXX has not targetted any child under the age of two years old. It is speculated this is due to a lack of comprehension on their part.

Addendum XXX-01: While testing, surveillance equipment is regularly cycled between on and off in order to allow SCP-XXX to relocate itself while maintaining surveillance of the entire "home".

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