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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No less than two (2) level 2 personnel are to reside within SCP-XXX at any point in time, one male, one female. Children are entirely optional, but should be included at random when shifting occupants, to maintain the guise of normality. Every 14 months to three (3) years, the current residents are to be cycled with a new set, and the old administered a Class A Amnesiac, before being moved to a new post. Occupants must be briefed beforehand on the specific hazard of SCP-XXX, and at least one must possess a useful knowledge of urban legend theory. All efforts will be taken to keep unauthorized personnel out of the house, especially teenagers, who, in the past, have developed a mysticism about SCP-XXX. See Addendum XXX-Beta-1 for additional procedures.

Description: SCP-XXX is an old, Victorian style manor on the outskirts of ███████, 35km north of ███████. The original color of the house was a dim green, but has since been repainted multiple times in less assuming colors, to dispel superstition. The house has █ rooms, all but two (2) of which have windows. Outwardly, SCP-XXX does not stand out in any way from the surrounding homes.

The bottom floor of the house is inconsequential, ignoring the living accommodations for on-site personnel. A single staircase leads to the second floor, opening to a long hallway, flanked by two rooms on each side, and another at the end of the hall. The two rooms on the left of the hallway are bedrooms, while one on the right is a master bedroom, and one a bathroom. Attempts to enter the far room have always met with failure, due to the unique nature of the hallway, as well as [DATA EXPUNGED]. (See Incident Report XXX-Zeta-1)

The Euclid nature of SCP-XXX lies in the hallway. All attempts to cross the hallway have ended in the expiration of the subject. A third party will observe the test subject move down the first half of the hallway as normal. For the second half, the subject will move more slowly. At the final fourth of the hallway, the subject will move exponentially slower, before appearing to freeze mere inches from the door. The subject will remain there, unmoving, for one week, before inexplicably vanishing while being unobserved. After covering 3/4ths of the hall, all communication abruptly stops. The subject appears not to make any attempts at communication, and never turns around during the test.

All test subjects, while still able to communicate, will comment on the seemingly impossible length of the hallway. Test subjects become increasingly agitated as they realize that, in hours, they have not moved any closer to the door. Should the subject attempt to enter an adjacent room after the halfway point, [DATA EXPUNGED].


Procedure XXX-Beta-1:

Due to past attraction of local teenagers, severe caution is to be taken regarding outside entry. Occupants are to go through great lengths to dispel neighborhood mysticism of SCP-XXX. Subtlety is key. No guests should be had, and occupants must maintain high privacy. At each exchange of occupants, the house should appear to be sold to the new occupants. If suspicions arise due to repeated selling, permanent occupants are to be briefed.

Should any unintended deaths take place due to SCP-XXX, Protocol XXX-Delta is to be engaged within 48 hours. Should this time limit be breached, SPC-XXX is to be thoroughly incinerated, taking general Keter-class safety precautions with atleast two (2) level 4 Agents on site. In addition, the window of the far room of the hallway should be observed by two (2) level 4 researchers familiar with the house, and modern quantum physics. If any anomalous ██████████ are detected, all civilians within 50km of the site are to be evacuated and given Class A Amnesiacs.

Protocol XXX-Delta: Should SCP-XXX claim an unauthorized civilian, Ptorocol XXX-Delta must take effect within 48 hours. The immediate family of the victim is to be humanely terminated, and all signs of their existence purged from the area. All neighborhood occupants will then be delivered Class A Amnesiacs.

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