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Photograph of SCP-433.

Item #: SCP-433 (Megamaxillus incarcerante)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be housed at all times in a concrete cell 20 meters square. During feeding times and bimonthly maintenance of cell damage, subject is to be sedated with smoke until personnel have evacuated the cell. In event of containment breach, subject is to be brought down with flamethrowers, sedated with drugged food, or terminated in the event all other recommendations fail. Under no circumstances is the door to be open while subject is awake.

Description: SCP-433, known to the research staff of the Foundation as Megamaxillus incarcerante, is a large species of Arthropoda belonging to no known class thereof, though it has been tentatively decided to be a member of subphylum Chelicerata. (The needle-like formations on both jaws are considered to be the heavily modified chelicera due to the only close-range observation performed thus far, see Log SCP-433-01.

Study and observation of subject's behavior when agitated show that the chitin shell covering the head can withstand impact force up to (FILL IN LATER), and it uses this shell in order to "ram" objects within its environment. Due to this, the cell must be maintained to uphold structural integrity. Further, the shell is extremely heat resistant. Nonetheless, extreme heat causes the subject to shed its limbs and enter a prolonged period of hibernation, though upon awakening it will be an order of magnitude more aggressive. Thus, the use of flamethrowers has been authorized, though only in event of containment breach.

Note: Why don't we transfer the thing to another cell that won't need constant repair? This is a drain on Foundation resources. — Researcher Gina ████████
Note: Patience, Gina. We just retrieved the specimen, and we're preparing a secure habitat for it so it won't act so erratically. We'll be able to let it supply itself with food and control its population if it does manage to reproduce. But these things take time. Patience. — Dr. ██████

To be continued as time allows

Addendum: To be filled

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