Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid (neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures:
Was kept in a secured cell under observation with no special protocols applied. Remains are kept in a cardboard box in locker 534-I at Storage Sector 3.

SCP-XXX was a tetrahedron made of a solid piece of obsidian, roughly 34252 cubic cm in volume, covered with glowing yellow runes of an unknown nature. When left at rest, object levitated by unknown means to a height of approximately 1m and emitted a soft humming sound.

Artifact was recovered at [DATA REDACTED]. Inscriptions on ruins near the site ascribe numerous supernatural abilities to the item, including the capability to heal various ailments, restore youth, encourage crop growth, desalinate water, bring rainfall, banish evil spirits, resurrect the dead, and communicate with the gods.

Dr. █████ elected to begin research on SCP-XXX by administering the standard Foundation inorganic object durability test. Record of results follows:

Trial 1. Struck with sledgehammer.
Result: Artifact shattered into into hundreds of thousands of tiny fragments.

Item reclassified as "neutralized," necessitating the cancellation of scheduled tests to determine object's resistance to being cut with a blowtorch, submerged in Hydrofluoric acid, burned with napalm, driven over by a bulldozer, and shot with M829E3 120mm armor-piercing tank rounds.

Entry from Dr. █████'s testing log, ██/██/████: My God! What have I done? The loss to humanity — will our children ever forgive us? Now science will never know if it was possible to cut that thing with a chainsaw.

Standard Foundation inorganic object durability testing protocols have undergone revision in light of this incident.

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