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All testing of SCP: 1378 has been suspended pending a major security overhaul and investigation of Site 14. All personnel who have accessed SCP 1378 are required to change their passwords and security codes within the next twelve (12) working days. Failure to comply will result in major disciplinary action. For a full list of all personnel who have accessed SCP 1378, please view Security Report ████-██. Please redirect all individuals known to have accessed SCP 1387 to this report.
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Item #: SCP- 1378

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1378 is to be kept in a secure storage locker within the hospital wing of Site 14. Access is available to all Clearance 2 personnel with approval given by site psychiatric staff or the Site Director. Personnel accessing SCP 1378 must log the length of times exposed to SCP 1378, the number of pages used and the time at the beginning of each session. SCP-1378 is to be stored in a locked chamber within Site 14 equipped with at least one overhead lamp, one security camera, one scanner-copier-printer to be restocked with paper and ink as needed, one standard office chair, and one standard office desk. SCP-1378 is to remain closed when not in use. Access to SCP-1378 requires approval of at least two (2) Level 5 Personnel.

Description: SCP 1378 is a small leatherbound book, approximately 9.26 cm by 14.05 centimeters in area containing 100 blank sheets of white paper. Chemical analysis reveals paper is composed of 4.8% ash, 2.45 ethanol extractive, 8.32% pentosan, 2.48% lignin, 86.68% holocellulose and 20.65% alpha cellulose, suggesting origin from the Paper Mulberry tree, located primarily in East Asia. The front cover of the book is covered in a simple design, resembling a chain, with no apparent title. Save these facts, the book is physically unremarkable. Neither thermal nor radiographic testing reveals any characteristics inconsistent with a normal book. SCP 1378 is activated when any one page is exposed to human contact whereupon said page undergoes a rapid pigmentation, manifesting as words. This will continue until either the subject leaves SCP 1378 or SCP 1378 runs out of pages to write on. Discoloration has been shown to fade twenty-four (24) hours after its last activation, allowing repeated re-use. It has been shown to respond to verbal and written commands, although a preference has been shown toward the latter.

When used, SCP 1378 offers therapeutic advice and suggestions pertaining to the user. The object appears to be intelligent, self-aware and capable of limited telepathy. As of XXXX, it is now theorized that SCP 1378 absorbs all the experiences of its subjects and is capable of storing them indefinitely. Invariably, it views each subject as a 'patient' and frames each activation as a 'session'. Although the written advice shows no supernatural or otherwise anomalous behavior, it's effects have been shown to be comparable to a professional counseling and therapy sessions. Subjects have generally been shown to benefit from long term exposure, helping resolve emotional, social, or behavioral problems and help them develop a clearer focus or sense of direction. Although SCP 1378 has been shown to have beneficial effects on mental health, recent events have indicated that prolonged exposure causes subjects to become more emotionally vulnerable and susceptible to suggestions from SCP 1378.

Pages removed from the object lose all anomalous behavior and becomes indistinguishable from normal paper. Object has expressed extreme duress when this occurs.

Addendum 1378-1:

Addendum 1378-2: Based upon extensive testing by Dr. █████, use of SCP 1378 has been approved for use by general personnel. For information on how to access SCP 1378, please view the Special Containment Procedures above. - Site Director ██████

Addendum 1378-3:

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