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T+6 from initial launch; SCP - 1926 seen entering the first roll maneuver

Item #: SCP - 1926

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location and nature of SCP 1926, it is unlikely that it will ever be fully contained by the Foundation. Although the object itself poses no immediate threat, all observatories within range of SCP 1926’s position are to be placed on the Foundation Watch List. Personnel should be prepared to provide a monthly report on SCP 1926’s activities to all of the aware parties, listed below. To prepare for a possible █K scenario, mandatory drills are to be scheduled regularly. Any and all anomalous activities in SCP 1926’s location are to be reported immediately to the Site-32 Director.

High ranking officials within all states with nuclear capabilities prior to 1983, including former Soviet Republics, are to be made aware of SCP 1926’s existence. This includes Belarus, China, France, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States. The capacity of these powers in better understanding or neutralizing the threat posed by SCP 1926 is currently being evaluated. Due to security concerns, the O5 Council has advised to accept and provide cooperation in a limited capacity. Once the situation has been resolved, application of Class A Amnesiac on all non-Foundation personnel is to be considered on a case by case basis.

Description: SCP 1926 is the remains of an American LGM-30 Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile measuring approximately 3.6 meters in length. Since its launch on September 26, 1983 SCP 1926 has remained suspended 1,120 kilometers above coordinates [DATA REDACTED]. Due to anomalies in the earth's gravitational and magnetic fields from SCP-1926’s proximity to the North Pole as well as weather conditions, recovery has thus far proven impossible. Concerns over general safety have further complicated recovery efforts. Based upon radiochemical analysis, it is believed that the object’s three 1.2 megaton warheads are still active. While this poses a challenge for the Foundation and nation-states alike, it is not to be considered SCP 1926’s primary threat.

SCP 1926 is capable of emitting anomalous broadcast signals capable of jamming and intrusion. Although SCP 1926 has shown a propensity for attacking military targets, such as air force bases, missile silos and early warning radar facilities, SCP 1926 has shown itself capable of targeting civilian broadcast stations (See Incident Report 1926-9). Invariably, signal content is that of a high ranking government or military official from the early 1980s speaking. Immediately upon receiving confirmation that the signal has been received, SCP 1926 will use all resources available to convince the listener that a nuclear attack is imminent and that an equal show of force is necessary. SCP 1926 has shown an extensive knowledge of geopolitics and nuclear technology of the early 1980s to the point of being able to provide accurate nuclear launch codes from the period. SCP 1926’s signal is transmitted irregularly and randomly to locations within the borders of nuclear armed states circa 1980. Due to these irregularities, SCP 1926’s signal has proven difficult to block.

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