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Item #: 1424

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1424 is currently held at Site-19. As of ██/██/████, SCP-1424 is to be contained in it's own soundproof room, with camera for surveillance purposes. There should be one guard stationed outside of the room at all times, to prevent repeats of Incident-2. (See Document 1424-1 for details.) Anyone entering the room housing SCP-1424 is to wear sound-canceling headphones unless specifically required to hear the music produced for testing. All entry to SCP-1424's room requires supervision by at least 1 Class 3 Researcher.

Description: SCP-1424 is a Philco Model 90 tabletop radio, manufactured in 1931. It was recovered by Agent F█████ in [REDACTED], who was investigating a report of a group of people worshiping "The voice of God" via an old radio. Agent F█████ was met with hostile resistance, but managed to obtain the SCP without much violence. The object itself has no physical anomalies, taken apart it's a standard cathedral radio. However, when turned on, the radio will play old lyrical Swing music from an unknown station. The songs are similar in style to Swing music of the 1930-1940 time period, but no songs played by the radio have been found in any other instances. The object functions without electricity, and experiments to explore possible causes have proven unsuccessful, as the radio will not turn on if disassembled or partially assembled. A small camera placed inside the object showed no anomalous activity inside.

SCP-1424 shows it's second effect when a person is exposed to music produced by it for a certain length of time. Currently, no distinct length has been established, but tests have shown the range of exposure required for this effect to manifest to be anywhere from five minutes, to thirty minutes. When a subject listens to the music for this long, turning off the SCP will not cease the music playing for the person/people previously listening. Subjects have reported still hearing the song previously being played, albeit much quieter. Reports show that the subject will hear songs even after the current one finishes, and tests have concluded that they are identical to whatever song would currently be playing on SCP-1424. After approximately one day, subjects report that lyrics to the songs have hidden meanings, or that the music is talking to them. Test subjects begin to develop cases of Schizophrenia, claiming the music is telling them certain people are "Out to get them", or "Know their secrets". Conventional therapy doesn't seem to reduce the frequency of the changing lyrics, or cause the music to get any softer or go away. Medicine such as Clozapine, however, seems to cause the music to lower in intensity and volume, and subjects taking Clozapine have reported fewer lyrics changing. It is unknown whether or not SCP-1424 has any form of sapience or direct control over what the victims hear. Incident-2 suggests some form of sapience, though no other "Escape attempts" have been made. It is uncertain whether the SCP is sapient or not, at this time.

Addendum 1: If left unchecked, sufferers of the radio's effects have been observed to hear lyrics suggesting they do acts they normally wouldn't think of doing, so as to "Protect themselves.". This was observed first in Subject D-1424-06. The subject assaulted Junior Researcher D██████, who was interviewing him at the time. The Subject claimed the music told him to kill D██████, before the researcher could kill him first.

Addendum 2: After Incident-2, SCP-1424 is now to be held in a soundproof room with one guard stationed outside at all times, to prevent repeats. All tests must now be cleared and supervised by at least one Class 3 Researcher.

Document 1424-1: Incident Reports

Incident 1: Test Subject D-1424-06 was exposed to SCP-1424's effects for forty (40) minutes, without any form of protection. After, he was not given any medication and was kept under surveillance for one week. Each day, at 19:00 Junior Researcher D██████ interviewed the subject about what he was being told, and how he felt. On the seventh day, D-1424-06 jumped across the table at the researcher, and began strangling him. D-1424-06 was restrained by the security personnel overseeing the interview, shouting that D██████ was "Going to kill me, I had to get him before he got me!". D-1424-06 was terminated on schedule at the end of the month.

Incident 2: Test Subject D-1424-08 was exposed to SCP-1424's effects for twenty (20) minutes, with minor sound canceling ear muffs. He was not given any medication, and was kept under surveillance for one week. On day four, he requested leave from his room to "Take a walk.". He was allowed to leave, under supervision of two guards. The subject then walked with the guards around the site, where he lead them to the lock box SCP-1424 was being held in. He attempted to steal a weapon from one of the guards, but was quickly subdued by the two of them, where he began shouting "I have to save him! They're going to kill him!". He later explained that the music told him Foundation staff planned to destroy SCP-1424. The subject believed the music he was hearing to be a voice of some divine being, and that by destroying the object, the link would be severed. D-1424-08 was terminated on schedule at the end of the month.

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