Radio Building
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Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-XXXX is to be constantly kept inside of a 90m x 90m perimeter consisting of 7 meter high electrified chain link fence charged with at least 30,000 volts, four (4) 10 meter watchtowers at every geometric corner of the perimeter equipped with 2 spotlights each, manned with at least two (2) Level 3 personnell, both armed with automatic rifles, and an additional, outermost perimeter consisting of a series of small stations staffed with two (2) more lightly armed Level 3 personell, preferably armed and armored to pass for reigonal law enforcment. This measure is mostly to keep the local population from endagering themselves by entering the subject. Additionally, a radio jammer with a frequency range of 500 to 25000 kilohertz is to be kept on site and running at all times.

No personell are permitted to enter the perimeter, or the subject itself unless otherwise instructed by Level 5 staff.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an abondoned factory building in █████████, Ukraine that is the known source of a shortwave radio broadcast consisting only of a male voice, screaming in an as of yet unidentified language. Those who have listened to broadcast describe it as angry, and distrubing to listen to. The message has no known end. The longest amount of time anyone has ever spent listening to it was approxomatly 60 minutes, before pleading to be relieved of their duty to do so. That particular personell began to develop severe insomnia, saying he couldn't sleep because he could still hear the voice. This was followed by vomiting, fever, and finally seizures before he was transported back to Research Command for treatment and monitering. None of the other personell he had come into contact with developed any such symptoms.

The signal is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always with the same voice, screaming in the same unknown language. It was hypothisised that the message was a recording, but later evidence suggested that it was coming from a source behind a live microphone. (See Addendum XXXX-01) It is doubtful that whatever is producing the noise is a normal human, as that amount of yelling would have severly damaged the vocal cords by this point. Attempts to enter the building and find the scource of the broadcast have so far been unsuccessful.

Addendum XXXX-01: There have so far been only been 2 attempts to enter SCP-XXXX to locate the scource of the broadcast. The first was carried out by D-1765, a Caucasian male of 25 years of age. He was equipped with a Very Low Frequency two way radio to communicate with Dr. ████████ during the expidition, and a flashlight. During his entry, the signal in question was being monitered for any anomolies. About 2 minutes from his entry, he reported being able to hear echoes of a voice similar to the one in the broadcast emanating from a hallway in his vicinity.

When ordered to investigate further, the screaming usually heard in the signal then stopped abruptly, but there was still a strong signal meter, suggesting that it originated from a microphone with a taped down broadcast button. It was at this time that D-1765 became unresponsive. Several background noises could then be heard on SCP-XXXX's broadcast, things like the microphone being gently nudged or bumped, or small objects falling from a desk onto the floor, but nothing to indicate D-1765's presence at the source of the signal. After 5 minutes of radio silence, the screaming picked up again.

Another attempt with D-2398, a Hispanic male of 23 years of age, yielded similar results a week later. There was the same loss of contact, the same cessation of broadcast by SCP-XXXX, and the same resumption of the signal minutes afterward. Two days after D-2398 disappeared into the compound, a severed arm was found within the perimeter. The tattoos on it confirm that it once belonged to D-1765.

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