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One (1) of twenty (20) specimens of SCP-1041 in containment.

Item #: SCP-1041

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-1041, excluding the twenty (20) which have been retained for research at Site-███ for research, are to be compressed, and incinerated summarily following discovery. Mobile Task Force Delta-5 (aka "Front Runners")" are authorized to employ any means necessary in the extirpation of SCP-1041, up to and including, forced entry, burglary, and the demolition of buildings.

Description: SCP-1041 is distinguishable by three (3) unique characteristics. Firstly, specimens of 1041 have, since their initial discovery in [REDACTED], Tennessee, have only appeared as nondescript golden colored cans. Secondly, viewing a specimen of SCP-1041 for a length of time exceeding thirty (30) seconds will invoke severe thirst in all viewers. Test subjects reported feeling a minor compulsion to drink 1041 over any other beverages presented to them. D-0537 described the 1041 as 'tingly', 'metallic', and 'like bad cheap beer'. All feelings of thirst were reported to cease abruptly within minutes of terminating all subjects' exposure to 1041. Thirdly, any individual that has imbibed SCP-1041 will present with the following symptoms within one (1) hour. Fatigue, shortness of breath, that will gradually progress to a severe difficulty breathing, stomach and chest pain ranging from mild to extreme, and distension of the abdominal region, over a period of roughly three (3) days or seventy-two (72) hours.

If an individual does not have 1041 removed from their system within thirty (30) minutes they are to be considered an instance of 1041-2 and receive euthanasia. Induced vomiting has shown limited success in preventing 1041's effects if carried out within five (5) to ten (10) minutes of exposure. Summarily the individual's remain are to be incinerated. Within forty-eight (48) hours 1041-2 will no longer be able to move due to total exhaustion and constant, extreme pain in their chest and stomach. Most instances of SCP-1041-2 expire within fifty-four (54) to sixty (60) hours of initial exposure. At seventy-two (72) hours, with some variation due to body mass and size, the stomach and chest cavity of 1041-2 will contain six (6) to thirty-two (32) instances of SCP-1041.

Addendum 1041-001: SCP-1041 has been confirmed as a Marshall, Carter, and Dark product, following the capture of one of the organization's facilities. Numerous cases of SCP-1041 and SCP-1041-2 were found within. MTF-Σ-43 is now in the process of locating and eliminating all MC&D facilities which produce or contain SCP-1041.

Addendum 1041-002: Lana S. Prescott, a MC&D employee, and self-titled 'Head of Manufacturing' of the captured facility later confirmed that MC&D is cultivating specimens of SCP-1041. Whether or not SCP-1041 was manufactured by Marshall, Carter & Dark is not known.

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Item #: SCP-574

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-574 is to remain dismantled at all times, and stored in a standard 5 x 5 m Containment Unit.

Description: SCP-574 is comprised of a standard sized steel door and all necessary components required to install it, including, one (1) steel handle, Two (2) steel hinges, four (4) steel nails measured at three (3) inches in length, and four (4) steel screws measured at one (1) inch in length. SCP-574 will not display any anomalous properties if one or more of it's components is removed, or replaced. When installed as a doorway any room 574 opens to is to be considered SCP-574-1. Any and all organisms within 574-1 after closing and re-opening 574 will have been removed by an as yet unknown means along with anything on their person at the time. Video surveillance of organisms inside 574-1 after the moment of closing but prior to opening has shown a consistent and intense fear response. At the moment of opening 574-1 will fill with dense white light which fades regularly.

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Item #: SCP-304

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-304 is currently in the possession of Dr. █████. Any experiments or interrogations involving SCP-304 are to be carried out only with the consent of Dr. █████. If SCP-304 is misplaced for any period of time exceeding thirty (30) minutes, all writing within Site-███ is to be halted until 304 is returned to Dr. █████. All paperwork from the day will summarily be reviewed and refiled as required following recovery of SCP-304.

Description: When SCP-304 is used, the resulting piece of writing will express the opposite of what the writer intended in a way that is often not immediately apparent to the writer. The effect can be fairly obvious, as in the case of forms where signatures are required, the designated area will be filled with a short refusal, most often worded in a vulgar manner. In other cases the effect is more difficult to recognize. (See Document 304 for examples) When SCP-304 was first obtained by the Foundation it appeared to be an antiquated dip pen. Several hours after being brought to Site-██ 304 assumed its current form. SCP-304 is thought to change itself to 'keep up' with the capability and appearance of modern writing utensils.

Addendum 304-1 In one instance a captured GOC operative who having withstood all interrogation, was instructed to write down the locations of any GOC operatives or facilities that he knew of then was given SCP-304 and a sheet of paper. The information was later proven to be accurate. It is assumed that the prisoner intended to provide false information.


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