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Item #: SCP-1436

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Copies of several popular variants of SCP-1436 are to be stored on a secure hard-drive in a standard anomalous object containment locker. Experimentation with SCP-1436 is ongoing, and approved. Foundation personnel are forbidden from making use of any variant of SCP-1436.

Description: SCP-1436 is a software client created in the year 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen, in order to replace MUT(MultiUser Talk) and was inspired by a chat software program known as Bitnet Relay. SCP-1436 has since developed into a pervasive, and widespread global phenomenon.

Symptoms of exposure to 1436 vary drastically, but most often include;

  • Listlessness
  • Increases in aggression
  • Increases in depressive tendencies,
  • Increases in social anxiety outside of interactions through SCP-1436.
  • Decreases in individual's composure when faced with aggression specifically from others also making use of 1436.
  • Loss of motivation in pursuits that do not aid them in continuing exposure to 1436.

Affected individuals eventually restructure their lives to allow for the maximum amount of time possible with which to make use of SCP-1436. When confronted about the amount of time spent making use of SCP-1436, the responses of infected individuals ranges from mild derision and attempts to deflect the question to dismissal of the claims and apparent ignorance.

Investigation of 1436's creator is ongoing. A payroll document confirming Jarkko Oikarinen as a Prometheus Labs employee was obtained on 06/01/19██ following a raid of Prometheus Labs facility.

Addendum-1436-01: 08/07/20██-Neutralization Procedure-1436-01 'Eotyrannus', an attempt to undermine the popularity of 1436 has been finalized, and released to the public under the guise of a free-to-use variant of 1436. An unexpected increase in use of 1436 resulted. Attempts to withdraw and erase 'Eotyrannus' were unsuccessful.

Addendum-1436-02: 10/08/20██-Neutralization Procedure-1436-02 'Croak', a modified version of 'Eotyrannus' has been finalized, and released to the public after heavy testing on Class-D personnel. Another unexpected increase in use of 1436 resulted. Attempts to withdraw and erase 'Croak' were unsuccessful. Evidence suggests that the method of access is not the anomalous factor, but the networks themselves.

Addendum 1436-03: 04/012/20██-All testing of SCP-1436 involving Class-D personnel has been terminated. Further attempts to neutralize SCP-1436 are suspended. Observation of the effects of 1436 on the global population are to continue, along with attempts to disrupt usage of 1436 whenever possible.

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