Ragazzo's logs two

pooryoric a Page scuttles over to maxine, knuckling along on his hairy knuckles like a hairy knuckled knuckling thing.
pooryoric "ey. ey, you. ey. lissen. ey."
Tom90deg Maxine looks up at the page. "Eh? May I help you?"
pooryoric "sommody told me to give you this."
pooryoric the Page holds out a slip of paper.
Tom90deg Maxine raises an eyebrow and takes the piece of paper, digging in her pocked and handing the page a shiny piece of metal. "Thank you very much! Who gave it to you?"
pooryoric he shrugs.
pooryoric "dunno, some guy. hadda thing on his face."
Tom90deg "Right then. Well, thank you very much in any case." Maxine unfolds the piece of paper. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
pooryoric "nope."
pooryoric the page knuckles away.
Tom90deg "Hmm….Red door in the philosphy section…Don't think that's Dusty…Ah well."
pooryoric it's not.
pooryoric mysteeeeerious~
Tom90deg Maxine gets up, dusting herself off, and after a moment pause, picks up a small pistol, tucking it inside her dress and taking her bag of tools, heading off to the Philosphy section.
pooryoric she finds it easily enough. there's a small red Door in the far back corner.
Tom90deg (I mean philosophical architecture section)
pooryoric (yeh, I figured)
Tom90deg Maxine looks around, seeing if there's anyone standing by the door. "Hello? Someone request my service?"
pooryoric nope. no one there. the note -did- say to go through the door…
Tom90deg Maxine looks at the door, seeing if, by chance there's a nameplate.
pooryoric nope. just a brass knob. it's a bit tarnished with age.
Tom90deg "Ah well…" Maxine gives the door a good knock.
pooryoric there's a click, and the knob turns on its own. the Door swings outward a crack, revealing what looks like a semi lit alleyway between darkened buildings. there's a figure wrapped in some sort of burka standing a few feet down the alley.
pooryoric "come onnnn, I havennnnt got all day. close the Doorrr behind you."
pooryoric "this is imporrrrtant."
Tom90deg "You the one who asked for me?" Maxine looks around the door. "How about you come here? Heh, I've been attacked by bigger and more people than you. This place is supposed to be neutral ground."
pooryoric "I'm not allowwed in the librrrrary, sorry."
Tom90deg "Really! Hm…I thought everyone was welcome? Well, not those lizard creatures that came in a few days ago…"
Tom90deg "In any case, How can I help you?"
pooryoric the figure shrugs. "I'mmmm goinnnn ng to keep killing people and leavinnnng them in the Librarrry until you come see me. eitherrrr come out and close the Doorrrr or go away."
Tom90deg "Killing people and leaving them in the libary?" Maxine gives a little laugh. "You're not making it seem like a good idea to talk to you. Seems more I should call for a page, maybe they'll deal with you, Dead bodies are such a hassle to clean up."
pooryoric "they donnnn't carrre as long as they arrrren't killed innnnside. stop tryinnng to act tough, I donnnn't have all day."
Tom90deg "Heh, me either. And I've got better things to do than talk to murderers. How about you just talk, and I'll wait here. I've been attacked for a very long time, and the first rule is you don't walk into their house."
pooryoric the figure turns and walks away.
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pooryoric it pauses.
pooryoric "lassst chance."
Tom90deg Maxine sighs. "Fine. But the door is staying open." MAxine steps through the door, pulling out her gun.
pooryoric "what's that forrrr?"
Tom90deg "Well, if you've been keeping up, we had big lizards attack, I had a bit of a run in with some zombies. Back home, I'd be attcked as often as you'd say hello. Heh, there was a great guy two…no, three places over."
pooryoric hare shrugs off the headscarf, shaking out her long blonde hair. the Door slams shut behind maxine with a crash. burke, who was standing behind it, nods. "scuse me, /boet/, that was my only part in dis."
Tom90deg "He wated some assitance, I told him he'd have to pay, and he tried to force it out of me. Heh, such a great fight…I think his leg still twinges on cold days."
pooryoric he pushes past maxine and hare and leaves the alley.
pooryoric "what -arrrre- you talking about?"
Tom90deg "Hmm? Oh, my home. Still trying to figure out how to get back…"
Tom90deg "But forgive me if I'm paranoid."
pooryoric "oh, no. it's unnnnderrrstandable. I am herrrrre to kill you, unless you can connnvince me not to."
Tom90deg "WEll, I don't suppose the fact that I've no idea who you are counts for much?"
pooryoric "dusty may have mennnntioned his girrrrlfriend." hare says dryly. man, she looks like a trainwreck. her hair is lank, and her clothes are stained and torn. her arms are livid with bruises and long cuts with edges to clean to be accidental.
Tom90deg "Ahh, Dusty! Wonderful man, brillant chemist! Didn't know he had a girlfriend though! Lucky you, he's such a sweet one."
crackles hahahaha.
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pooryoric "whorrrre."
Tom90deg "Now now…I assuere you I had no idea. As I recall, I think he believes you're dead."
pooryoric "you trrried to steal him frrrrom me!"
pooryoric hare's looking at the gun. one hand moves slowly toward the pocket of her dress.
Tom90deg "No, I was flirting, but I assure you, I didn't know you were still around. Heh, I know how coming back can be a strain on relationships."
Tom90deg "One of my friends brought back her guy at least…ohh my, last count was six."
Tom90deg "And he was getting a bit manky, I can tell you that."
pooryoric her hand reaches her pocket, and emerges with a scalpel that catches the light and gleams. "I'm not herrrre for girrrrltalk, slut."
Tom90deg MAxine sighs wistfully. "But love can counquer all I suppose."
Tom90deg "I'll bet if you actually come and talk to Dusty, He'll be estatic to see you!"
Tom90deg "Why havn't you, if you don't mind me asking?"
pooryoric "because… you arrrre in the way."
Tom90deg "I assure you, I am not. In fact…That WOULD explain why he seemed a bit disintrested…"
Tom90deg "I'll bet he's simply pineing away for you…"
pooryoric hare shreiks and rushes at maxine.
Tom90deg "In fact, I'd insist that you come! Maybe that'll finaly make him happy."
pooryoric the scalpel is raised, but hare's far off enough that maxine could get a shot in…
Tom90deg Maxine brings up her gun, thumbing the overcharge, spending a fate point and fireing off a blast of red power, lighitng up the alley.
pooryoric roll for it!
Tom90deg 4df+5 More power!
Grape Tom90deg: More power!: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
pooryoric 4df+5 hare dodge!
Grape pooryoric: hare dodge!: 7 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, +)
pooryoric hare rolls under the blast and brings the scalpel up to cut along the inside of maxine's leg.
pooryoric 4df+5 using a Fate point to increase your roll is a bad strategy against someone whose Power is to copy rolls, mang
Grape pooryoric: using a Fate point to increase your roll is a bad strategy against someone whose Power is to copy rolls, mang: 5 (4df+5=0, +, -, 0)
Tom90deg 4df+1
Grape Tom90deg: 0 (4df+1=-, 0, +, -)
pooryoric the scalpel bites deep, and hare laughs.
Tom90deg MAxine lets out a howl and swings at Hare's head with her gun.
Tom90deg 4df
Grape Tom90deg: 1 (4df=-, +, 0, +)
pooryoric 4df hare defense!
Grape pooryoric: hare defense!: 1 (4df=0, +, 0, 0)
pooryoric hare narrowly avoids the blow and presses the attack once more.
pooryoric 4df scalpel for the throat!
Grape pooryoric: scalpel for the throat!: 1 (4df=+, 0, +, -)
Tom90deg 4df+1
Grape Tom90deg: -2 (4df+1=-, -, 0, -)
pooryoric the scalpel sinks into maxine's throat, stopping just shy of her jugular.
pooryoric "you should have stayed away frrrrom him!"
pooryoric hare levers maxine down and presses on the blade for the kill.
pooryoric 4df hare attack!
Grape pooryoric: hare attack!: 0 (4df=0, 0, 0, 0)
Tom90deg 4df+1
Grape Tom90deg: 3 (4df+1=+, +, 0, 0)
pooryoric maxine rolls aside to avoid the last cut.
pooryoric hare looks down at her.l
pooryoric *her
pooryoric "you got lucky. but it won't happen again."
pooryoric this will be hare's last attack roll. if you get lucky here, the kill will fail.
pooryoric 4df+1 hare attack!
Grape pooryoric: hare attack!: 2 (4df+1=0, 0, 0, +)
Tom90deg 4df+1
Grape Tom90deg: 4 (4df+1=+, +, +, 0)
pooryoric hare cuts deep… and misses the artery. she looks down at maxine, and shrugs, then hauls her unconscious body onto her shoulder, opens the Door, and carries her into the Library.
pooryoric "oh dustyyyyyyyyy! where arrrre you, loverrrrr?"
Ragazzo Dusty can be inside?
Bouncl Todd looks up. He knows that voice.
pooryoric yeh
pooryoric they're in the Library, now
Ragazzo Dusty looks up. Breaks into a cold sweat.
Bouncl Todd shoots a look at Dusty. A /what did you do/ look.
pooryoric "I have a surprrrrrise for you~"
Ragazzo He /runs/ for where th voice is coming from.
Bouncl Todd keeps pace with him, cursing under his breath.
pooryoric and there stands hare, looking like a junkie, with a not quite dead yet maxine over her shoulder. when dusty rounds the corner, she literally throws maxine at him.
Bouncl Todd skids to a halt, shivering. His fangs are out.
Nioki Azi snaps awake at his table, stands, and begins walking.
Ragazzo "H-hare!"
pooryoric "that's rrrright~"
Bouncl Todd catches Maxine because Dusty won't, and sets her down hurriedly before backing away.
Ragazzo Dusty collapses under Maxin because skinny unhealthy alchemist.
Bouncl or that
Bouncl he drags Maxine off of Dusty
Ragazzo Dusty scrambles to his feet.
Bouncl "Jesus Christ."
Ragazzo "I didn't cheat on you!"
Ragazzo "What the hell!? Is she dead?!"
Bouncl Todd feels for a pulse, one hand holding his nose shut. He's shivering intently.
pooryoric "I -watched- you, loverrr. and no, the slut lives. unforrrrtunately."
Bouncl er
Bouncl intensely
pooryoric maxine is bleeding ALL OVER todd.
Ragazzo "You *what*?"
Ragazzo "Why didn't you say anything to me?!"
Bouncl "Fuk fuk fuk" he backs away, one hand on his nose
pooryoric "I was in hidinnng. I -thought- you'd -wait-!"
Ragazzo "I was waiting!"
pooryoric and hare bursts into tears, collapsing and curling into a little ball on the Library floor.
Ragazzo "Oh, jesus…"
pooryoric "you d-d-dohohohon't love meeeeeeee!"
Ragazzo "Y-yes, I do! Hare, *please*. I tried to resurrect that corpse you left…" He kneels in front of her.
Ragazzo *Completely* ignoring the dying woman.
Bouncl Todd is backed up against a bookcase. "Fucking hell Dusty WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO"
pooryoric "I don't even kno-know who she wa-wa-whahas!"
pooryoric hare nuzzles dusty's knee.
Ragazzo "Go, go take care of Maxine todd!" Dusty looks away briefly but then lifts hare up to her knees gently. "Look, it doesn't matter now. Hare, please, trust me. I've *never* cheated on you."
pooryoric "I muh-muhmissed you, and you CHEATED ON ME YOU ASSHOLE!"
pooryoric she jumps to her feet, drawing her scalpel.
pooryoric she blinks.
pooryoric "wha- why- I…"
Bouncl "What the -fuck- am I supposed to do! I can't even touch her!"
pooryoric and collapses again, bursting afresh into tears.
pooryoric "whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"
Ragazzo "What what? Maxine is only my friend, Hare."
pooryoric she looks at dusty.
Ragazzo *Why what
pooryoric "why donnnnn't you love me? why? why? why why why WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY‘"
pooryoric "I knnnnow! I’ll get you ba-ba-baba-back! I'lll… I'lll… I'lll…." she giggles.
pooryoric "I'll k-k-kill…" the giggle again, louder.
Ragazzo "Hare. No. I love you".
Ragazzo "Stop."
Ragazzo "Margaret, please stop…"
pooryoric hare bursts into manic laughter, standing, and plunges her scalpel deep into her left arm. she starts to cut, then looks up at dusty's use of her first name.
pooryoric "dusty…"
pooryoric she grabs dusty, and pulls him in for a deep kiss, then jerks away and runs for the Door,.
Ragazzo Dusty chases he
Ragazzo *her
pooryoric roll athletics!
Ragazzo 4df Ffffuuuu
Grape Ragazzo: Ffffuuuu: -1 (4df=0, 0, -, 0)
pooryoric 4df hare!
Grape pooryoric: hare!: 2 (4df=-, +, +, +)
pooryoric he fails. she's out the Door and gone.
Ragazzo "…."
Nioki Azi arrives, stalking towards them in a very unnerving way. It's like watching a housecat hunt.
pooryoric meanwhile, maxine bleeds on the floor.
Bouncl Todd is gripping a bookcase. "Dusty. What the /fuck/ did you do."
Nioki "Where is she."
Ragazzo He rubs his temples, and go to maxine, pulling her from Todd.
Bouncl Todd's not with her.
Bouncl Maxine, that is.
Bouncl "Out the door. I didn't see where she went."
Ragazzo Oh.
Nioki Azi walks to the door, and sniffs.
Nioki "Where IS SHE. Dusty. Tell me."
Ragazzo Well, he goes to maxie, and pulls out some vial blood.
Ragazzo "I'm busy."
Nioki "An' I'm sure she is too."
Nioki Is the door still open?
Ragazzo Can he tap the blood's aspect for a healing bonus?
Bouncl That's what the rules claim
Ragazzo 4df+2 Emergency first aid, tapping Blood aspect
pooryoric where do they claim that?
Grape Ragazzo: Emergency first aid, tapping Blood aspect: 0 (4df+2=0, 0, -, -)
Bouncl "Azi. See if you can find out where she went. I'm g-gonna go f-find help." Todd dashes off, soaked in blood.
Ragazzo "Hurry…I can't do this."
crackles Murmur is in the magic section, surrounded by a small cloud of tiny moths.
crackles :V
Bouncl "MurmurIneedhelp." shiver
Bouncl Todd is bloodsoaked
crackles The moths dissolve into smoke. Just illusions! "With what?"
Tom90deg 4df+2
Grape Tom90deg: 0 (4df+2=-, -, +, -)
Bouncl "Someone is hurt. Aren't you magic? Can you fix them?"
crackles "Perhaps. Lead the way."
Bouncl Todd dashes off, making sure murmur stays in sight.
crackles He glides. Doop doop doop…
pooryoric GM Fiat
pooryoric the efforts of the group are successful at saving here life
pooryoric *her
pooryoric but maxine is pretty fucked up… she'll be at half Body for the next week.
pooryoric tom, add temporary aspect "Hare defends what's hers: maxine has only 1 Body until july 12th, 2011.
pooryoric "
Tom90deg Maxine lets out a cough, and a weak cry. "Ahh…" she moves her mouth, but nothing really comes out.
crackles "Quite an interesting wound."
Ragazzo "Oh, jesus, maxine. Are you ok?"
Ragazzo "I'm so sorry."
Tom90deg Maxine weakly shoves dusty away, coughing again.
Bouncl "Dusty, what the fuck did you do."
Ragazzo "Nothing!"
Ragazzo "I swear!"
crackles "Oh? Mister Cole did this?"
Ragazzo "No!"
pooryoric "what's the happy haps, cats?"
Ragazzo "Hare..showed up. She was watching me, she must have thought Maxine was…."
pooryoric fritz walks in, and -freezes-.
pooryoric "…who's the fucked up lady?"
Tom90deg Maxine coughs again and manages to get a few words out.
Bouncl "Holy shit. Hi Fritz."
Tom90deg "Who *cough* that?"
Bouncl "Maxine. That's maxine. Azi, do you think you can follow her if we get the door open?"
Nioki "Ye did smell 'er. right?"
Nioki "She's prolly got a car or somethin', though."
pooryoric "nice to, uh. meet you. why's all your blood on the outside?"
Ragazzo "Forget it. She's long gone by now."
crackles "I think these two are proof that my vow of celibacy was not a mistake."
pooryoric "don't answer that."
Nioki "Lissen. If any o' ye see 'er, fetch me right away."
pooryoric "she's right here."
Tom90deg Maxine sits upright on the floor, gingerly touchig her bandaged neck. "Who was that?"
Bouncl "If I see her I'm going after her."
Nioki "That was Dusty's monster lady."
Ragazzo "Her name is Ha-it's Margaret."
Bouncl "She goes by Hare."
Ragazzo "I'm sorry, Maxine. We should avoid each other, so this doesn't happen again."
crackles Murmur pats Azi on the head and glides off.
Nioki Azi grins briefly at Murmur before turning back to the door. |<
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Bouncl "Jesus Christ. I knew she was gonna come back."
Nioki "She likes cuttin' folks, right? So I'll take th' arms first. That oughta do it."
Tom90deg Maxine glares at dusty. "I was *cough* attacked…I wish i was home, we have rules about this sort of thing…Much more civliized."
Tom90deg "You declare…set up time, never in a alley…"
pooryoric she wasn't attacked, actually.
pooryoric well, she -was-
pooryoric but only after spending several minutes waving a loaded gun and making threats
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Nioki "Shut up an' heal. Hey, if she's goin' after ye, would ye mind bein' bait?"
Tom90deg "Red door…" Maxine digs into her pocket and weakly hands the piece of paper she recieved.
Bouncl "She's too weak."
Ragazzo Dusty takes the paper first
Bouncl "Maybe we can use Dusty."
Ragazzo He looks at it.
Nioki "Gimme that, Dusty. There might be time for me t' catch 'er."
Tom90deg MAxine tries to not allow dusty to have the piece of paper.
Ragazzo 4df Melee to take the damn paper anyway
Grape Ragazzo: Melee to take the damn paper anyway: -2 (4df=0, -, 0, -)
Ragazzo …
Tom90deg 4df+1
Grape Tom90deg: 0 (4df+1=+, -, -, 0)
pooryoric a nearby Docent puts its hand on dusty's shoulder and shakes its head expressively at the melee roll against another Library patron.
Ragazzo Dusty exhales, and nods at the docent.
Ragazzo "Sorry."
pooryoric it drifts off.
Ragazzo Call it an ath roll?
Nioki "Lissen', Dusty. I'm th' one who's been with ye since th' start o' all this. She needs t' die."
crackles "Hello Az - GAAH"
Nioki "We knew that th' first time we met 'em. When they were gonna kill ye daughter."
crackles Iriel crams her knuckles between her teeth to cut off her own shriek.
Ragazzo "If I really thought that, I wouldn't have stopped her whathehell oh, hi iriel."
Nioki Azi doesn't look very nice right now. His posture says 'hunt.'
Bouncl Todd's got fangs out, covered in blood. MAYBE HE'S BEEN EATING
Nioki "Heya, Iriel. Th' monster lady's back."
Ragazzo "Margaret."
Nioki "She don't deserve a name."
Ragazzo "You don't know he-" Dusty cuts off. "This isn't the time."
Nioki "This is th' time."
Ragazzo "Maxine needs a place to rest, and recover."
Ragazzo "And it can't be with me."
Ragazzo "Obviously."
Bouncl "I'll take her to Tom's."
Nioki "We ent Maxine. We can talk. How do I find 'er."
Ragazzo "I don't *know*."
Ragazzo "You think I'd still be here, if I did?"
Nioki "Well, she obviously knows how t' find ye. So ye get t' be th' bait."
crackles "Why - what - why - "
Ragazzo "No."
Bouncl "Hare attacked Maxine."
Bouncl Todd reaches for the piece of paper.
Nioki "I ent givin' ye a choice any more."
Ragazzo "I'm not doing it."
Nioki "She kills people, Dusty. She -enjoys- it. She's a monster an' I kill monsters."
crackles "Todd, did you…"
crackles fangz
Bouncl "What? No. No. There's just.. a lot of blood." he shivers and screws his eyes shut for a moment.
Tom90deg Maxine hands over the piece of paper to Todd. "Alley….dark, smelled bad."
Bouncl he stumbles back and reads it.
Ragazzo "Todd, give me that."
pooryoric the note says, in neat but unidentifiably blocky handwriting, "we need to talk. go to the red Door in the philosophical architecture section."
pooryoric looks like it was written by someone with a lot of practice disguising their handwriting.
Nioki "What's it say? How do I open this thing?"
crackles Iriel stands on tiptoe to look over Todd's shoulder at the writing.
Bouncl "Doesn't say."
Ragazzo Dusty also goes to look.
Bouncl "Goddamn."
Ragazzo "Todd, give me that…please."
pooryoric there's a tap on dusty's shoulder.
Bouncl "Why?"
Ragazzo Dusty turns to look.
Bouncl "Azi, try just knocking. It doesn't say anything else."
pooryoric it's johnny V. he's floating an inch or so above the ground looking exceedingly pleased with himself.
pooryoric "found her, duuuuude!"
Ragazzo "Like hell you did."
Ragazzo "Go away."
Bouncl "…found her?"
pooryoric "I shit you not, doc. got an address and everything! johnny victory does not lie, bra.
pooryoric "
Ragazzo "Really. Show it to me."
Ragazzo Dusty holds his hand out.
pooryoric "you got the shit?"
Ragazzo "The address first."
crackles Iriel jumps, and looks at Johnny's feet. Why with the floating. What.
Bouncl "You have /Hare's/ address?"
pooryoric "fuck that noise, bra. you think I've never been burned by a dealer before? you get me the shit, skillet, then I pay."
pooryoric he looks at todd.
Ragazzo "It hasn't been a week."
pooryoric "damn straight, little dude. hey, look, you, uh… you got a little somethin…" he points at his teeth.
pooryoric "I thought you sounded like you were in a hurry, doc. look, making acid won't take long for an allllllllchemist, right? so cook me up some shit and let's get this show on the ro-hoad, yo."
Ragazzo "I'm not doing it. Especially not now. *She* found *me*. She's known all this time. Go away Johnny."
Bouncl "Yeah, no."
Bouncl "You're gonna do it. We need that address."
Ragazzo "I'm not, and it's the wrong address. You really think this guy could find Hare?"
Ragazzo *Margaret
Ragazzo Dusty is going to call hare magaret from now on.
crackles "He is floating."
Ragazzo *margaret
Nioki "Gimme that. Now."
Bouncl the paper?
pooryoric "hey, woah. woah, woah. not cool. NOT cool. screw me, doc, and your ass is -haunted as balls-."
pooryoric "haunted. as. -balls-."
Bouncl He passes the paper to Azi.
Nioki Azi shakes his head. He's looking at the stoner ghost.
crackles "But he is floating."
Ragazzo "*You* showed up too late. She's come and gone. Find someone else to make your drugs." He looks at Azi. "Azi, the address is useless, ven if it is right. You think she's going to stay in the same place? I don't een have a place I *could* make the drugs, if Iwanted."
pooryoric "…you -lied- to me."
Bouncl "No, Dusty. You just don't want us to find her."
Nioki "Any place she's been s' a chance t' track 'er."
pooryoric "I know where she is -now-, bro. but you tried to screw me. you. tried to screw. johnny. motherfuvking. victory."
Ragazzo "I-what?"
Ragazzo "You *do*?!"
Ragazzo "Hang on, hang on…"
Nioki "Johnny. She's a crazy murderer. Gimme the address."
pooryoric "twenty pages of blotter acid. now."
pooryoric he looks at azi.
pooryoric "can you make drugs?"
Ragazzo "Johnny, come over here."
Nioki "What? No."
Nioki "Gimme th' address 'cause she's a monster who kills people for fune."
Nioki *fun
Ragazzo Dusty moves over to a table, and begins pulling out whatever chemicals he has on hand.
pooryoric "I'm dead, kid. what do I care? I just wanna get blazed."
Ragazzo Dusty thinks for a bit, and then sets about making the most potent improvised drug he can.
Nioki Azi walks back and forth. He's rather angry.
pooryoric nooot gonna cut it.
Bouncl what
Ragazzo 4df+5 Pocket Drugs?
Grape Ragazzo: Pocket Drugs?: 4 (4df+5=0, -, -, +)
Bouncl angry walking doesn't get you high?
Ragazzo Tap it must work, for re-roll?
pooryoric no.
pooryoric your DC was eight, because you aren't in a lab.
Ragazzo Kay.
pooryoric "well?"
Ragazzo Dusty rubs his temples.
Ragazzo "Give me half an hour."
pooryoric "fine. but if you're lying… haaaaaaaunteeeeeed."
Ragazzo Dusty immediately set out for his home.
Bouncl "Johnny, go keep an eye on Hare in the meantime. Please."
Bouncl "And don't let her see you."
Ragazzo Does he reach it unopposed?
pooryoric yup.
Ragazzo Dusty heads to his lab. He starts brewing several different chemicals at once, trying to hide the acid in a mess of glassware, boiling vapors, and odd smoke. Mad science stuff.
Nioki "Stupid. Stupid. Dusty is stupid."
Bouncl "Just noticing that?"
Ragazzo Roll straight alchemy?
pooryoric yup. DC is 4.
Bouncl "Azi, help me get Maxine to a bed."
Ragazzo Lab aspect for +2?
Nioki "Todd, I'm already tryin' t' find out how t' keep me relatives from comin' back. Think ye can keep an eye on 'im? If ye find where she is, we can get 'er together."
Bouncl Todd nods. "Sure."
Tom90deg Maxine coughs again. "Yes. Very very stupid. Someone help me, There was a bed mentioned, I believe?"
Bouncl He grabs Maxine's legs.
Nioki Azi crouches and picks up Maxine under the shoulders.
crackles "Be careful…"
crackles "I don't believe I know your name, miss."
Ragazzo 4df+7 Assuming yes
Grape Ragazzo: Assuming yes: 6 (4df+7=-, -, +, 0)
Nioki He carries her like she's a helium balloon. Azi is terrifyingly strong.
Bouncl Together, they take her to a spare bed at Tom's and get some crude bandages on her, and then leave her to sleep.
pooryoric oh yeah. dusty makes the fuck out of some acid. now, roll sneaky to hide what he's making.
Tom90deg "Professor Maxiene Littleton *cough* Bayes."
pooryoric DC is 4 again
Ragazzo 4df Sneaky
Grape Ragazzo: Sneaky: 1 (4df=0, 0, 0, +)
Ragazzo Damn it.
pooryoric welp.
pooryoric he -has- got the acid, though.
Bouncl Todd and Azi return.
Bouncl !
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