Ragazzo's Logs

Faceless, featureless, frightening: By expending one AP, Arnold can don the anomalous gasmask he carries that seems to contain some sort of entity. More importantly, and inexplicably his entire body will be enveloped in clinging, inky, impenetrable blackness, erasing all of his features. This state persists for as long as Arnold wears the mask. He doesn't question why. While in this state Arnold receives a passive +1 to all perception, stealth, and intimidation rolls. All non intimidation based rolls immediately fail. In addition, Arnold can repeatedly let the entity inhabiting his mask get a firmer grip on his mind in exchange for enhancing it's effects. Doing so will mean losing 1 point of Mind as well as expending an action point, increasing the passive bonuses given by 1 for intimidation, perception, and stealth.

*Translation: "You feel lucky? DO YOU?!?!?!?"

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