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SCP-1711 "mimicking" Foundation personnel.

Item #: SCP-1711

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1711 is to be placed within a 15m x 15m x 25m container, which is to be placed within a secure area and is to be locked at all times, with the exception of research purposes. A clear, circular line of duct tape is to be placed exactly 5 metres away from the subject, to indicate the starting point of the subject’s primary effects. No personnel are permitted to step within this range without permission and supervision from a Clearance Level 3 member of staff or above. Although, upon recovery, the object was found burning on charred wood, A supply flammable objects are not compulsory for the object's containment, as the object requires nothing to burn. In the instance of research, no more than one (1) D-class personnel may enter SCP-1711's containment chamber, and is to be supervised at all times by the Clearance Level 3 member of staff that the personnel received permission from.

Description: SCP-1711 is a large bonfire, with several inexplicable anomalous traits. The object was recovered within a secluded wooded area, closest to the grounds of a renowned religious site, containing a large group of monolithic granite structures located in Alentejo, Portugal. It currently unknown as to whether the object's origin is of direct relation to these structures, but some indications suggest otherwise (See Addendum 1711-1).

SCP-1711’s primary anomalous trait is the ability to imitate and mirror the actions of any person(s) that stand within a 5-metre radius from it. Upon entry within the 5-metre radius, the flame will immediately shift its standard appearance to a figure resembling the subject interacting with the entity. Despite mirroring the exact movements of the personnel involved, the flame still maintains its "fiery" state during imitation, and the figure appears to be entirely engulfed in flame. If personnel are to come into contact with the “imitation”, the flame will not cause pain, or spread onto any object at all, including human skin. The entity will continue imitation until the personnel steps behind the 5-metre radius, at which point the reflective figure will return to its standard fire-like form.

Addendum 1711-1: Studies show that the constructions of the granite menhirs, which were found close to the location of SCP-1711, date back to the Neolithic Era (between 5000 and 4000 BCE). The site was most likely used for religious, celebratory or early astronomical purposes. Research conducted by the Foundation indicates that religious groups from the specified era used fire for cremation, eternal fires (used to commemorate notable occasions), and bonfires. Further research also suggests that early astronomers, especially from the specified era, had attempted to use fires to ‘make contact with the sun’. The same report also stated that due to the presumed astronomical alignment of the stone menhirs, the site’s purpose was most likely built for astronomical means, but may have been used for other reasons. There is little evidence to suggest that religion and astronomy had any correlation at the time, but it is presumed so.

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Item No.: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently located inside a locked safe, within an isolated, soundproof room situated in Site-15. Only Level 2 operatives and above are permitted clearance to the key combination for the locked safe. No more than one (1) D-class personnel are to be used for experimentation on SCP-XXXX. The safe combination is to be changed on a weekly basis.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a ██████-brand portable digital audio recorder. The item includes MENU, STOP/HOME, REC/PAUSE, LOOP, I/O, ◄◄, ►►, PB CONTROL, ►/ ▌▌ and FX buttons, similar to that of a regular audio recorder. The STOP/HOME, REC/PAUSE, LOOP, ◄◄, ►►, PB CONTROL and ▌▌functions are unusable, prohibiting any attempts to record audio, stop or pause audio or to edit options. A standard USB port is on the bottom right of the recorder.

If SCP-XXXX is turned on, and MENU is selected, a single 16bit audio file entitled RAGE.wav will appear on the screen. Upon pressing the ►/ ▌▌ button with the file selected, the track appears to be a 45-second recording featuring a variety of muffled, random tones.

Anyone listening to the full recording of RAGE.wav, within the first minute, will show extreme signs of paranoia, and past subjects have claimed to be unable to remove the sound from their minds. The personnel will begin to then show symptoms of severe retrograde amnesia, as they are likely to forget their name, age and basic language, as well as most of their personality traits, such as their occupation. After about an average of 5 minutes, the subject will become acutely psychotic, and will enter a state of extreme aggressiveness towards any live organism. The personnel will foam at the mouth, as well as perform sudden, jerking actions. In this instance, the room is to be placed under lockdown, and the subject is to be terminated when Level 2 operatives or above deem it necessary. Termination is compulsory in the event of the subject’s escape.

The effects of RAGE.wav are only observed when any personnel listen to the full recording. As a result, an 11-second excerpt from the recording is available to all Facility personnel for free listening:

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