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Experiment Log SCP-1026-A

SCP-1026-1-a retrieved on ██/██/20██. Testing initiated ██/██/20██.

Test SCP-1026-A-1
Test Subject: 1 male Caucasian D-class subject, age 31.
Test Description: Subject was reassigned to sleep near SCP-1026-1-a. Subject was woken up after each hour of sleep and asked to describe his experiences.

  • After one hour, subject reported dreaming of a large green spiral building, which he sketched upon request. Analysis by qualified engineers indicates that such a structure would require improving modern materials by orders of magnitude to construct.
  • After two hours, subject reported a similar dream, but the building had grown larger and developed an extra spiral. Subject declared that, in the dream, he was aware of how to build these structures, but could not recall even the most basic principles of their construction.
  • After three hours, subject reported that the building had "twisted", and he was no longer able to recall much of its general form. He was, however, certain that he was able to remember how to construct it in the dream.
  • After four hours, subject reported that he could only remember a small segment of the building, but he now knew many specifics of the segment. For example, subject was able to sketch floor plans for five floors, which taken together formed the original spiral. Subject twice complained that the paper was the wrong shape, but was unable to clarify further.
  • After five hours, subject reported that he could not recall the building, but was able to sketch in detail a mosaic that he claimed to have been designing in his dream. This has been termed stage 2 activity, as distinct from the larger-scale stage 1 activity.

Similar observations, including the mechanics of a fairly simple elevator and the precise form of a chair, characterized all further reports until subject declared that he could not sleep, since he was not tired. At this point, a sedative was administered, with a mild stimulant being used to awaken the subject for questioning. An IV drip was used to meet nutrition and hydration requirements. The subject became belligerent at this stage, but calmed when he was told that he would be released at the conclusion of the experiment.

  • After ninety-eight hours, subject reported that all he could recall was a swirl of colour and sound. From this point on, no coherent recollections are reported. This has been termed stage 3 activity.
  • After two hundred and fifty-nine hours, subject could no longer be awakened with the original stimulant. A stronger stimulant was used and the experiment continued.
  • After one thousand and forty hours, subject's speech became noticably slurred.
  • After one thousand, seven hundred and thirty-five hours, subject could no longer be awakened by most stimulants. Use of epinephrine was authorized and the experiment continued.
  • After two thousand, three hundred and thirty hours, subject could not be awakened. SCP-1026-1-a was removed from the area, at which point subject awoke normally but demonstrated no higher reasoning capacity. Subject could not report, and the experiment was ended. Subject was terminated.
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