Item #: SCP-zzz

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-zzz is kept within a secure storage locker in site 19. No special precautions are required to secure SCP-zzz. SCP-zzz should not be activated in the vicinity of hazardous materials incinerators. All experiments must be approved by Dr. ███████ or other staff chemist assigned to SCP-zzz. Eye and hearing protection must be worn whenever SCP-zzz is activated. Research staff must review fire safety procedures and locate the nearest fire suppression equipment before activating SCP-zzz. Open flames are not allowed in the vicinity of SCP-zzz except under direction of staff chemist. Staff are warned that using SCP-zzz to treat burn injuries is counterproductive.

Description: SCP-zzz is a device composed of a metal box standing on four legs with a door in front and controls mounted to the side. The words "Electrodynamic Rephlogisticator" are engraved in small letters above the controls. The controls consist of a single unlabelled dial, a single unlabelled button, and a single gauge labelled with the numbers 0 and 65. There are electrical terminals of archaic design on the rear of the device which the Foundation has fitted with a suitable adaptor. The base of the device contains air intakes. SCP-zzz is composed primarily of enameled cast iron with no anomalous properties.

Burnt objects placed within SCP-zzz become unburned. Missing material regenerates back into the original substance, though the original form is not preserved if the ashes have been disturbed in any way. Rusted metals have their corrosion reversed. Extent of reversal depends on the dial setting. Required dial settings for common tasks have already been determined experimentally. SCP-zzz works best on objects that are burned uniformly. Irregularly burned objects will produce mixed results. Care should be exercised when exposing unburned objects to SCP-zzz. Uncombusted objects affected by SCP-zzz suffer increased flammability. The same result occurs from setting the dial too high. SCP-zzz only affects liquids and solids.

The gauge on the side moves from right to left when SCP-zzz is activated. When SCP-zzz is left plugged in but not activated in the presence of air the gauge gradually moves from left to right. Movement from 0 to 65 takes between 90 and 120 minutes.

SCP-zzz was recovered from an antique store in ███████, █████████.

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