Reality Corrupting Material
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored at all times in an acrylic polymer vacuum chamber, itself to be be stored centered in a 10m x 10m x 10m room the interior of which should be entirely lined with six inch wood or similar material. At any point significant physical deformations are detected on the wood paneling, SCP-XXXX is to be immediately relocated, with both the vacuum chamber, room and paneling replaced with new material. Former material is to be incinerated, ashes and other residue is to be stored in deep freeze on site.

SCP-XXXX-A-1 through 4 should be kept with SCP-XXXX at all times. No interaction with the environment is permitted by anyone save Class D personnel. Class D personnel responsible for repositioning the entities should, upon death, be incinerated and treated like scrapped material above.

It is imperative that extreme measures be taken to prevent per-pubescent children from approaching within at least five miles of SCP-XXXX, including the redirection of air traffic.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small, luminescent sample of material presumably of extraterrestrial origin. It emits a pale blue light which seems to be directionless, and a blue aura is detectible around it even when entirely encased in opaque material. It also produces a consistent whining noise at the outskirts of the high end of human audible perception.

The material has yet to be classified, and seems to respond unpredictably to contact with both matter and energy. So far its exact size, mass and density all remain a mystery. Either extremely light weight, or possibly only partially affected by gravity, SCP-XXXX tends to 'float' more or less stationary wherever its positioned.

SCP-XXXX has a slow but consistent corrupting effect on matter in proximity to it, an effect which seems to extend in radius the longer the object remains in a location. Materials which have suffered prolonged exposure to SCP-XXXX typically demonstrate altered physical properties, from a change in the refractory index to no longer adhering to the conventional gravitational constant. As a result, the environment surrounding the object takes on surreal properties over time, reforming into unusual or impossible shapes and showing atypical physical interactions. Within two to three months of constant exposure, the physical environment becomes decidedly deformed, with the intensity of the blue glow surrounding it deepening into a haze. Occasionally the appearance of small, bright 'fireflies' of light have been recorded in such regions. Once removed, the glow and fireflies will vanish, and no further deterioration of the region takes place, however all affected matter remains permanently corrupted.

Prolonged exposure is disastrous to complex systems, like biological organisms or machinery. This effect grows more pronounced at a level exponentially proportionate to proximity, peaking drastically if direct contact is made. Such contact is extremely dangerous and often lethal to humans. Oddly, even knowing the risks, certain seemingly random individuals seem to show a pronounced obsession with making physical contact with the entity. Any personnel showing unusual interest in SCP-XXXX should be transferred immediately, and kept under constant surveillance for the next week.

Acquisition: SCP-XXXX was found imbedded in what appears to be an iron meteorite which struck the earth just outside of [blocked out], UT in 19__. SCP attention was drawn after reports of possible radiation affecting the town, as well as many deaths and illnesses. Investigating forces found the environment and population hopelessly corrupted and, after retrieving the meteorite, scorched the region.

Effects on children: Pr-pubescent children who have come into contact, or even too near the area of influence, of the object run the risk of undergoing transformation into SCP-XXXX-A. During the transformation process, all hair and nails fall away. The skin turns tougher and thicker and takes on a darker, rubbery complexion. Membrane erupts over the face, quickly growing into a long tentacle or proboscis. The child's personality is apparently subsumed. Any previously existing examples of SCP-XXXX-A will attempt to find and 'aid' the first in this transformation. Whether or not this occurs, at the end of the transformation process, the new entity will seek out SCP-XXXX unerringly.

SCP-XXXX-A appear to retain no human memories or instincts. They appear to require neither nourishment nor rest. They operate cooperatively with one another, 'tending' SCP-XXXX. So long as they aren't threatened, and don't detect any of their number outside of SCP-XXXX's influence, they appear content to remain in containment. Their two normal detected behaviors are manipulating corrupted material in what appear to be random and pointless manners, and a more ritualistic behavior where they sit in a circle surrounding SCP-XXXX and engage in a muffled 'humming' or chanting.

If a member of the community is threatened, attacked or removed, the remaining members will grow immediately hostile, attacking the offending entity. Though more durable than normal children, they can still be killed, although once this happens they will blindly attack until either they or all offending forces are dead. At present only four examples of SCP-XXXX-A exist, designated 1 through 4.

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