Reject's sandbox

Hi! I'm Reject, and this is my sandbox! I've organized the stuff here on different tabs to make it more visually pleasing. PM me if you want to leave constructive criticism, which I would love. Seriously, PM me. Yep.

For stuff that I'm seriously considering posting but I'm not quite sold on, check out this page o'er here. Or, maybe, it's up there to be shown off from the forums or the chat and it's easier to see there. Whatever, just click it. Fuck you.


  • A GoI that uses SCPs to play jokes on people
    • They would get mad at people who try to make tasteless jokes (mass murder) because it's not funny, it's just fucked up. Waxx, that means you. Sorry.
  • Tale about the Tothbrush being Satan for the CotBG.
  • Tale about a guy trying to decomm the fork.
  • SCP about scary toilet paper
  • Band-Aid SCP
  • Bellerverse Tale (with 294)
  • Bellerfarse
  • Example list for Cliches page
  • Slutty Guinea Pig
  • Tale about 419
  • Parody Universe Tale
    • 212 draws dicks on people
    • 1893 can only speak in farts
    • 453 causes spontaneous dance numbers
    • 600's name is Jimmy and he plays Runescape
    • 597 hands out chocolate chip cookies
    • 173 is a LOLcat
    • 033 is 69 (lol)
  • Exploding Nuns (how in the…)
  • Groundhog Day Crossover (Agent in a timeloop, thinks the girl is an SCP)
  • 001 Proposal: Burning pile of flesh (D-Class machine)
  • Tale about 173 trying to study the human eye: kills accidentally trying to get a closer look.

Also this is really cool.



  • Senior Staff Shenanigans 2011
  • SCP-1023 (A Real Book)
  • Christmas :)
  • SCP-1026 (Second Grade Classroom)
  • Another Legend
  • SCP-1170 Rewrite (Ghost)
  • SCP-1053 (Inverse)
  • Follow the Keter (Epic Rap Battle)
  • Rewrite of SCP-419 (Window)
  • SCP-1969 (Disco)
  • SCP-1231 (The Theoretical Family)
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