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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is to be contained in a standard EM shielded anomalous materials storage locker. All magnetic storage media and communications devices are to be kept a minimum of 12 centimeres from the locker at all times except for testing purposes.

A single standard audio tape is to be kept in the locker with SCP-xxx. Every 22 hours, this tape is to be replaced with another and reviewed. Any anomalies in the recording are to be noted.

Addendum xxx-01: A standard VHS tape is to be stored and reviewed alongside and in the same manner as the aforementioned audio tape. (need to check the proper format for these addendums)

Description: SCP-xxx is a small rock of pyrite weighing 183 grams. It was found in [REDACTED] by [REDACTED], who kept it on their office desk until noticing its unusual effects, at which time it was retrieved by SCP personnel.

When a magnetic storage medium such as an audio tape or floppy disk is set within 8 centimetres of SCP-xxx, the medium is quickly overwritten with an analog recording of varying content. While this renders floppy disks useless, in the case of audio and video tapes, the recording can be played back in a standard tape player. It takes approximately four (4) seconds to fully overwrite a 60-minute audio tape, or 12 seconds for a 60-minute VHS tape.

It is not currently understood how SCP-xxx records. The object does not appear to emit any energy or magnetic field that could affect the contents of magnetic storage media. The recording process completely erases any existing contents of the media.

The audio generated by SCP-xxx changes every 22 hours 17 seconds. Typically, the sound is a constant tone ranging from ██ to ████hz; however, the following anomalies have been noted:

██/██/20██: Recording consists of a ███hz tone, lasting █ seconds and repeating every ██ seconds for the entire duration.

██/██/20██: Recording consists of a tone sweeping from ██ to ████ hz and back with a period of ███ seconds.

██/██/20██: Recording is completely silent.

██/██/20██: Recording consists of static until 00:49 seconds, followed by [REDACTED] for the remainder.

██/██/20██: Recording consists of a male voice saying "you can't take it" in a distressed tone, repeated for the entire duration.

██/██/20██: Recording consists of many different tones. Although it sounds much like a computer program stored on a tape, it does not correspond to any known data storage format.

██/██/20██: Recording consists of two simultaneous tones of ███ and ████hz. At 24 minutes 8 seconds, the sound of a person gasping can be heard.

██/██/20██: [DATA EXPUNGED]

██/██/20██: Recording consists of 34 seconds of silence, followed by a voice saying "this is not this is the [REDACTED] you can't take it you can't you [REDACTED] why did you". The speech ends abruptly, replaced by [REDACTED] for the remainder of the recording. This is the same voice as the recording from ██/██/20██.

██/██/20██: A 60-minute VHS tape is used. The recorded audio consists of a ███hz tone. The video displays coloured static for the first three (3) minutes, followd by [REDACTED] for 35 minutes. Playback then abruptly stops. Despite seeming to be in good condition, the tape cannot be advanced any further.

██/██/20██: Dr. ███████ accidentally sets his cell phone next to SCP-xxx while retrieving a tape. All contacts stored in the phone immediately and simultaneously receive a call consisting of only a ████hz tone, lasting until they hang up. The phone otherwise does not seem to be affected. Researchers are advised to keep all communications devies away from SCP-xxx from now on.


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