Retrocausality Torus Interview A2


Origin Alternate Details
Lincoln assassinated Lincoln survived Lincoln is disgraced during his 2nd term attempting to silence a blackmailer who was going to divulge an affair the President was conducting with a male aid. Legacy irrevocably tarnished.
Alaska a US state Alaska a member of the British commonwealth. A diplomatic spat between the US and Russia in 1870 prevents the sale of the Alaskan territory to America. Britain ultimately gains possession.
Henry Ford responsible for assembly line and proliferation of internal combustion engine Henry Ford dies of Pleurisy in 1907 The automobile is still the preeminent vehicle of the 20th Century, but based on steam power on the Newcomb design, championed by an industrialist named Daniel Coolie. Smog and related environmental impact unknown. Oil still used for heating, plastics, industrial-scale engines, but not predominantly for gasoline. US history of engagement in the Middle East not as pervasive.
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