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Item #: SCP-1XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1XXX is to be kept in an entirely opaque 1x1x.5m enclosure. The object is to be left on and continually monitored via closed-circuit television. Any change in behavior or location of SCP-1XXX-1 must be immediately reported to the Site Director. Under no circumstances are any personnel to directly view SCP-1XXX while it is on.

Description: SCP-1XXX is a closed-circuit television monitor, similar to a line manufactured by the █████ corporation between 1983 and 1988. Any identifying information has been filed off. The power cord has been removed and its hole sealed over with a small riveted steel plate. Despite this, SCP-1XXX is capable of functioning.

SCP-1XXX-1 is an entity viewable through SCP-1XXX. It appears to be a humanoid female with elongated and emaciated features, sunken eyes, and long fingernails. Its age cannot be determined, and its height only estimated between 2 and 2.5 meters.

Though SCP-1XXX can be turned on, it cannot be tuned and shows one of four (possibly three) scenes. Each features SCP-1XXX-1 prominently.


Description of Location



A featureless containment cell. Approximate dimensions are 2x3x2m. Contains a bed, partially obscured from view, and a toilet. A door is visible on the wall opposite the camera. SCP-1XXX-1 has been observed: sleeping; using the toilet; pacing; sitting on the bed and staring straight ahead, or less occasionally directly at the camera. SCP-1XXX-1 will sometimes address the camera. Other figures have been seen entering the room, typically in force, before the feed cuts to static and location changes. Hermes-8 class events occur only in this location.


A room with a tiled floor and an electric chair. The boundaries of the room extend beyond what the camera is capable of showing. The door is visible in the upper left. Viewpoint is focused on the electric chair. SCP-1XXX-1 is secured to the electric chair, which is turned on when the feed shows the room. SCP-1XXX-1 screams in pain and emits smoke. Sessions generally last for 30 minutes, but will sometimes be interrupted when an unidentifiable figure enters through the door. Interruptions result in the feed cutting to static and the location changing back to Room 1XXX-A. After Room 1XXX-B sessions, SCP-1XXX-1 shows markings consistent with electrical burns, that heal over the next 2 hours.


A room with a tiled floor and an operating table. Above the table is a device which releases a substance, thought to be corrosive, in a slow drip (one drop every 6 seconds). Room 1XXX-C appears to be narrower than Room 1XXX-B, but its boundaries still exceed the camera's view. Focal point is the operating SCP-1XXX-1 is secured to the operating table via metal restraints. SCP-1XXX-1 strains against bonds and screams in pain as corrosive drip causes holes to appear in its skin. Exact positioning varies by sessions but is always above the upper body or head. Holes begin healing immediately. These sessions last for between 5 and 15 minutes before feed cuts to static and location returns to Room 1XXX-A. SCP-1XXX-1 is always fully healed upon returning to Room 1XXX-A.


Aside from lack of drip apparatus, Room 1XXX-D is identical to Room 1XXX-C. It is possible that they are the same room, with equipment changes. SCP-1XXX-1 is secured to the operating table via metal restraints. Four jets of flame appear at regular intervals (between once twenty seconds to once every three minutes; the precise timing varies per session), positioned so that their sources are not in view. Fire chars the skin of SCP-1XXX-1, who thrashes against restraints and screams. Sessions last for 30 minutes before feed cuts to static and location returns to Room 1XXX-A. Burns heal over the course of the next five hours.

A subject having viewed SCP-1XXX-1 for at least one minute in any of these locations will begin to experience its anomalous effects, which progress in four stages if an individual subject continues to view SCP-1XXX-1.

Stage 1 (1-30 minutes): Subject will begin seeing SCP-1XXX-1 appear in their dreams. Of the four stages, this is the only one that is reversible. Images of SCP-1XXX-1 will fade after approximately four months without further viewing.

Stage 2 (31-60 minutes): Subject will see SCP-1XXX-1 upon closing their eyes. Subjects also report seeing SCP-1XXX-1's face in place of faces they attempt to imagine.

Stage 3 (61 minutes-24 hours): Subject begins seeing SCP-1XXX-1's face superimposed over the faces of actual individuals. Frequency of occurrence increases with time spent viewing SCP-1XXX-1. At the 23 hour mark, subjects see SCP-1XXX-1 instead of any other human, and typically react with fear to anyone attempting to approach them.

Stage 4 (beyond 24 hours exposure): See Incident Log Hermes Alpha-01.

As subjects progress through the stages, SCP-1XXX-1 will begin to take notice of when they are viewing SCP-1XXX. Location shown on SCP-1XXX tends not to vary from Room 1XXX-A during this time. SCP-1XXX-1 has been observed addressing subjects by name, revealing personal details, and taunting subjects when they have been away from SCP-1XXX for too long. The level of intrusion upon a subject's person is related to how long they have spent viewing SCP-1XXX-1.

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