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SCP is currently not contained. Containment methods have been attempted, but thus far, capture of SCP remains elusive. Promising advances have been made in tracking the SCP, thereby reducing civilian interaction, but by no means are current tracking capabilities sufficient for total neutralization of effects of SCP.


SCP is an ethereal manifestation of dozens of children at play. Many individuals represented by this manifestation have proven to bear likenesses to missing children from a wide range of time periods and North American locations. Whether or not the children represented by the manifestation are indeed all missing children, it is clear that many are definitely individuals that have interacted with the SCP and who have thus been incorporated into the SCP, resulting in their reported missing status.

Sporadic testing of SCP reveals that any interaction with any individual represented by the manifestation by a child under the age of XX will result in that youth being added to the cadre of potential individuals found at play in future appearances of SCP. Affected children appear to fade out of existence over the course of XX minutes, and thereafter are irretrievable by any currently known means. Once interaction with a member of SCP occurs by the appropriately aged child, assimilation into SCP is inevitable and irreversible. Attempts to interact with the children witnessed within the manifestation of SCP by adults or individuals over the age of XX has resulted in [Redacted].

SCP manifests itself most often on playgrounds, at any time of day or night. Occurrences of SCP manifestation have also been recorded in large sports fields, state parks, backyards, empty lots, alleys, and twice within child daycare centers, among a vast array of other locations. It is speculated that SCP will manifest in any place that a child has been or would be likely to be found playing with other children, usually outside. Thus far, no manifestations have occurred in the bedrooms of children, or within homes at all, and rarely do they occur when adults are actively paying attention to their children. Children have been lured from their homes, however, by witnessing the manifestation from a window, whereupon they venture outside to play with the children seen within the appearance of SCP. Thankfully the SCP does not appear to evoke any memetic or other mind altering effects that may make a child more prone to interaction. Mere curiosity of the victim is the SCP’s only known lure.

The recorded number of incidents of SCP manifestation is currently XXX. There does not appear to be any definite time frame between occurrences, however it seems that the more children the SCP assimilates in a given appearance, the longer the length of time is before a new occurrence of SCP, though this has only proven to be true XX% of the time given known incidences of SCP. It is unclear exactly how many years the SCP has been manifesting, though the clothing worn by some of the children suggests that it has been capturing children since XXXX. No known incidences of SCP have occurred outside of the North American continent. The method of induction into the ranks of the children seen within the manifestation of SCP is currently unknown, as is the origin of the SCP, or the precise number of children it has assimilated, though this final statistic has been estimated to be in the thousands. Of the recorded incidences of SCP, most children visible are seen in only one manifestation, however the number of visually recorded incidences is so low that this is not necessarily indicative of anything beyond speculation upon the number of children affected at this point.


SCP-1 is contained in a small reinforced-concrete room with one pressurized-lock vault door accessed via a short corridor located off of the main corridor leading to the containment facilities of SCP-2 with retinal and palm scans of approved personnel. The main corridor is accessed via a second pressurized-lock vault door terminating at the southern edge of the main facility complex, accessible only to those with proper clearance from either the research team leader or an O5 member. The facility terminating end of the main corridor is equipped with two mounted machine guns, as well as several hand-held flame thrower units.

SCP-2 subjects are currently housed in a warehouse-sized subterranean unit made of non reinforced concrete, surrounded by a ¼ inch shell of stainless steel. The unit has many small concrete structures within which are used as furniture and for recreation by the contained subjects. The unit is bare with regards to any kind of carpeting, paint, or furniture. Lighting is supplied via recessed fixtures, though the chamber is usually kept dark for adequate observation of behavioral patterns. Surveillance is well hidden throughout the chamber offering line of sight access to all areas of the unit.

There exists one way into or out of the SCP-2 unit via a standard hazmat pressure locked antechamber, wherein containment and eradication is possible given a breach of the inner door via recessed incinerator units, but is otherwise used as a decontamination chamber.


“SCP Subject” is a Caucasian Female, age 87, once known in her local community of Parke’s Grove as Madeline Grabbinge. Heiress to the once grand Grabbinge Estate, Madeline had come to be known in her community as a “crazy cat lady“. Indeed she is.

Approximately once every four to five months, Madeline gives birth to a litter of what appear to be kittens. She is fiercely protective of these kittens, and given certain metabolic, reproductive, and various other physiological changes, is incredibly dangerous in that protection. The method by which Madeline has been changed into her current form is unknown, though speculation is rife. What is known is the following: Madeline was once a normal functioning member of human society. Now, however, and while conscious, Madeline displays degrees of strength, agility, mental acuity, hearing and vision ability, as well as a pernicious persuasiveness, that belie her known age and appearance by a large margin.

Madeline has been observed to be capable of lifting up to 400 pounds and heaving such weight short distances. She has been observed to scale stone walls and cling to uneven stone ceilings with her hands and feet alone. All toes and fingers contain retractable nails which she uses in vicious attacks against Foundation personnel trying to approach or subdue her. Her teeth have taken on a distinctly feline shape, and indeed her entire jaw structure has distorted greatly to resemble that of a female lioness upon close examination. Her eyes are vaguely feline in appearance, even at a distance, and she has been shown to have night vision in various tests. She also appears to be color-blind. Her hearing has been demonstrated to be greatly enhanced, though to what degree is unknown. When viewed from a near distance and without proper protection, however, she appears to be an elderly woman with white hair, a slightly hunched back, watery eyes, and atrophied musculature.

She may be subdued with a very heavy dose of tranquilizer, though she seems to show a growing immunity to increasing doses of the tranquilizer over time. Her eventual termination to prevent escape is inevitable, as she will soon either become fully immune, or simply succumb to a fatal dose. She has also shown increased rates of regeneration of damaged tissue, and appears to be able to heal even broken bones, torn ligaments, and major cuts far more rapidly than any known non-Foundation entity if left alone long enough to do so, though not at a rate that makes harming her unsuccessful. Notably, she is vulnerable to all manner of harm, which shall make her eventual termination all the easier. She has been kept alive thus far to study both the creation of the kittens, and their growth into SCP-2. Though Madeline is of scientific importance in her own right to the Foundation, her offspring thus far have proven to be far more valuable and, perhaps more importantly, containable.

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