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Aerial view of primary dome and the nearest D-class domes, taken 11-02-1963

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained at Containment Area-52 (-8█° █' ██.████", -1██° ██' ██.████"). Any unauthorized individuals approaching within 50km of the containment area are to be terminated on sight to prevent potential Delta events. Colonies of Spheniscidae and other creatures are to be monitored and guided to prevent them approaching the Containment Zone.

Maintenance inspections of Containment Tracks Alpha and Beta and individual rotating platforms are to be conducted twice daily. Personnel onsite not involved directly in maintenance operations are to remain inside the primary dome at all times. Observation of SCP-XXXX is restricted to cameras and motion sensors. At no time are personnel to directly observe SCP-XXXX, except in the case of a Delta Outbreak event for the purposes of prolonging containment. Number of personnel in the primary dome should be limited to five researchers and two D-class at a time if possible.

Twelve geodesic domes are positioned in a circle with a diameter of 300m, each dome connected by a dual underground track to the primary dome. Each dome is to contain one D-class treated with Compound Iota1, and strapped onto a rotating platform designed to prevent movement of the head more than 10° in any direction. The interior of each dome is to be completely darkened when in use.

All D-class must be kept turned 180° from the current position of SCP-XXXX except for the three D-class determined to be farthest away from it when it crosses the current Threshold C2. The object's current target must be identified and kept focused on the object until it crosses their Threshold C. Light and motion sensors are to determine the position of SCP-XXXX at any given moment and adjust the orientations of D-class subjects accordingly. In rotation, one D-class is to be changed out each hour, examined for continued suitability for containment, and replaced as needed.

If a Delta event occurs, the two nearest D-class are to be focused on the object, immediately lowered from their domes onto containment track Beta, and moved to containment track Alpha. They are to continue moving there, altering speed as needed to remain a constant distance away from SCP-XXXX until it has returned to its original luminescence.

Once per month a Delta event is to be permitted in order to prevent a Kappa event.

If the object breaches the primary dome, all current occupants are to be terminated via fast acting neurotoxin to limit potential Delta events. Recontainment will be handled by the secondary dome located 20km to the north. Immediate re-supply of D-class to primary containment site and recontainment on containment track Alpha must be achieved as rapidly as possible. A secondary set of domes spaced in a 12km diameter circle is to be put into use should more than 10 Delta events take place within a 15 day time period.

Should the secondary dome be compromised, the object must be led via Containment Track Gamma to Launch Site-52-a and Procedure Gamma-12 implemented to give time to re-establish containment facilities. Path of the object through the solar system must be monitored to identify the object's future point of re-entry.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a floating, mobile point of light of unknown origins. The light emanating from it is not reflected by any known material, but can be perceived by biological organisms or mechanical photosensitive equipment. SCP-XXXX and its light pass uninhibited through all known materials regardless of consistency or opacity. SCP-XXXX will target and slowly accelerate3 toward any living creature massing more than 2488 grams. Target acquisition is determined primarily by maintenance of direct observation of the object by a living organism, secondly by proximity of the target, and thirdly by the target's mass. It will cease movement and instantly change targets should the situation change and make another target more favorable according to the criteria.

Upon reaching a target, the object moves into the target's brain. Life signs of the target immediately cease. Regardless of the mass of the target affected, the object immediately increases in volume, base speed, and apparent luminescence by exactly 22.7% - classified as a Delta event. This becomes an exponential progression as additional Delta events occur.

These attributes decrease linearly at a rate of ~1.14% per day until the object reaches a minimum apparent diameter of .5cm, minimum base speed of 4kph, and a minimum apparent luminescence of ~25,000cd. If it remains in this state for more than 24.2 days, it will cease to be influenced by the direct observation criteria until a minimum of three Delta events have occurred - this is classified as a Kappa event.

Through current containment procedures the object is maintained at a diameter of .5cm - 1cm and apparent luminosity of ~25,000cd - ~200,000cd. No upper limits to size, speed, or luminosity have yet been observed. Highest observed (2cm diameter, 327kph, ~1,650,000cd) occurred during Event XXXX-27 in 1957.

Addendum XXXX-01

The object's origins are unknown, but it is highly probable that Team ███-58 was the first set of living creatures it had encountered since its appearance, [DATA EXPUNGED]


Further experimentation on SCP-XXXX is forbidden.

SCP-XXXX must be prevented from coming within 200km of the ocean at all costs.

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