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Item#: SCP-XXX

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-xxx-1 is to be stored in a secure facility and monitored at all times for any changes in its given pattern of broadcast. Should any new information present itself, it is to be immediately reported to head of research.

SCP-xxx-2 is currently best contained via suppression. Use of disruptive signals between frequencies of … And … are to be transmitted continuously from all major broadcasting sources.

Past containment failures have demonstrated that SCP-xxx-2 is capable of propagation between carriers and non carriers. Complete failure of the containment of the emission of SCP-xxx-2 would represent a potential LK-class end of the world scenario. Should suppression systems fail world wide for a period of over 48 hours, Protocol Domacles is to be enacted.

SCP-xxx-1 is the collective term for an Amstrad C464 and the series of images displayed by the computer. These figures seem to chronicle the evolution of an unknown extraterrestrial species (SCP-xxx-1-A). The clips follow the the species as it began its existence in its worlds oceans. The creatures continue to evolve over 43 different clips, with the final three images, 43, 44 and 45, displaying [DATA EXPUNGED]. Each of the 45 slides contains captions, which begin as commentary but begins to descend into nonsensical ravings. It was through this commentary that SCP-xxx-2 was discovered. It is still unknown if the existence of SCP-xxx-1-a is entirely fictitious.

SCP-xxx-2 is a brainwave, currently believed to be active in and transmitted by about 0.xxx% of the human population (SCP-xxx-2-a). The frequency of the wave varies between specimens, however, a range of about xxx (M)hz has been established.

Detailed Analysis of interaction between specimens of scp-xxx-2-a has shown that individuals have the ability to predict the thoughts, feelings and intentions of other specimens with a high degree of accuracy (greater than 95%). It is predicted that continued evolution and spread of this property will result in [DATA EXPUNGED] as displayed in 44 and 45.

The anomalous properties of SCP-xxx-1 were first noted by its original owner, David Harris, a technology enthusiast, living in Somerset, England, circa 1985. When national paper headlines were made, regarding a man claiming to have proof of contact with alien life, Foundation agents began to investigate. SCP-xxx-1 was seized 3 weeks into enquiries and original owner was administered class A amnesiacs. Sourcing of the broadcasts made by SCP-xxx1 has been attempted and has revealed transmissions from several different locations within our solar system.

SCP-xxx-2 was not discovered for years later. Information contained within one of the transmissions led to testing of over 400 D-class personnel before SCP-xxx-2 was finally recorded. Subsequent testing is still ongoing.

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