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Image Recovered from Camera found on Site during Exploration 1514-1

Item #: SCP-1514
Object Class: Euclid
Security Procedures: SCP-1514 is a large building located on the small Island of ██████ (land mass approx. 10 acres) located around ███ kilometres █████ off the coast of mainland Russia. An airborne variant of a Class B amnesiac is to be introduced to the nearby habitation site and all inhabitants are to be removed. All docks and aircraft landing sites are to be dismantled and watch towers erect at regular intervals along the shore line. SCP-1514 itself is to be surrounded by a chain-linked fence topped with razor wire at a distance of 10 metres from the walls of SCP-1514. Regular access to the site is permitted only by Level 3 security personnel who are not permitted to enter the building itself. Research teams must apply for proper clearance prior to any investigations made. All Foundation employees entering SCP-1514 must carry a GPS locator at all times.

All personnel must carry stores of food and water to last a minimum of three days on-site due to events of Exploration 1514-2 (See Exploration Log 1514-2).

Description: SCP-1514 appears as a large abandoned structure which bares similarities to early 20th century Western European design. It measures approximately 65 metres by 50 metres by 10 metres. The rooms and access points in the building shift seemingly at random. These rooms and access points are not created by the structure but are in fact other rooms found within SCP-1514. At this point we are unsure whether the doors simply act as portals or whether the rooms themselves are shifting.

Stills taken from the camera used during Exploration 1514-2

Findings of Exploration 1514-2 (See Exploration Log 1514-2) show that it is not the individual who is transported, but the rooms themselves. GPS tracking during 1514-2 showed no unexplained anomalies in the movements of D Class personnel that would imply teleportation.

There is evidence of exploration of SCP-1514 prior to the Foundations involvement, areas of internal walls of been removed, indicating an attempted escape from a room by force, these rooms often display other forms of damage including unexplained scorch marks, blood stains and large scratches in the walls and floor These rooms have also been known to contain Human remains, mostly bones, some of which have been found to be [DATA EXPUNGED] (See Document FD██████.) It assumed that cause of death is exposure to these damaged rooms, as prolonged exposure can induce adverse effects on an individual (as observed in Explorations 1514-2 and 1514-3), including:

  • Nausea
  • Lingering Paranoia
  • Intense Pain in Head and Stomach

Samples taken from the walls of SCP-1514 show them to contain unknown materials. These materials lead on-site Researchers to believe conclude that the rooms traverse through a "non-space" during their teleportation. These unknown compounds may of been an attempt to project the rooms from the affects of this space. During Exploration 1514-3 (See Exploration Log 1514-3) footage was taken of this space, confirming the Foundation's theory, which seems to consist of a large black void filled with quiet rustling sounds; exposure appears to be fatal (See Autopsy report for D-1514-3-12). On-site Researchers believe that damaged rooms become contaminated by this void and that this is the cause of the ill-effects felt by Research teams.

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