Rogue SCP Entry
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Item #: SCP-1704

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1704 has, to date, defied all attempts to contain it. Despite being located on The Foundation’s servers (location: █:███████) no attempt to quarantine or remove the file has been successful.

After several failed attempts to deal with the rogue data, measures were undertaken to isolate the file from the network. All other files contained on drive █ ██ █ were moved to drive █ █ █ with the sole exception of SCP-1704. Drive █ ██ █ was then removed from the stack and analysed. Dr. █████ found that SCP-1704 had somehow been removed from the drive in spite of the multitude of checks performed during the procedure aimed at preventing that very occurrence.

Upon inspection of drive █ █ █ before reintegration into the database it was discovered that SCP-1704 had returned to what would have been its original position in the database without any identifiable means of doing so.

In the interim it is suggested that SCP-1704 be kept under constant surveillance in the event it causes harm to the Foundation’s network.

Cross referencing has shown that SCP-1704 is not among the data present within SCP-976.

Description: SCP-1704 appears as a database entry in The Foundation’s archives; occupying the position of SCP-████. SCP-1704 contains data, field reports, containment procedures and an image of SCP-████ but at the time of writing no such SCP has been brought to the attention of the Foundation. Date of discovery is listed as ██-██-2012.

The entry of SCP-████ itself is clearly official Foundation work. The field report describes the discovery of SCP-████.


Addendum #1: As it stands SCP-1704 is not to be directly tampered with until study permits us. Only personnel of Level 4 Clearance are permitted to conduct study. If and when development permits, SCP-1704 is to be erased from drive █ █ █ and stored on a USB drive in Unit ██-█.

Addendum #2: Preparations are under way for the apparent date of discovery. For four weeks (28 days) either side of ██-██-2012 all SCP reports and discoveries are to be checked against SCP-1704 in the event they resemble SCP-████. In the event of a match, SCP-████ is to be stored as described in its entry and the entry itself is to be left unchanged but remain under surveillance.

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