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Picture of SCP-XXX and original owners,J████ and M███████ T█████

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe/Euclid (see below)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently kept in Warehouse █ in Dimensional Site-██. Access for research requires Level 2 authorisation, which is usually given. It should be kept under constant video observation.
Personell should not be allowed to come in contact with SCP-XXX without prior authorisation. If unauthorised access does occur, said personell should be prohibited from accessing SCP-XXX again. No further action needed.

Description: SCP-XXX has been discovered by Sgt. L██████ of [REDACTED], on ██-█-19██, after coming to the home J████ and M███████ T█████ to investigate domestic disturbance. The Foundation knew about SCP-XXX since ██-██-19██.

Externally, SCP-XXX appears to be a small, one-room rectangular house, dimensions 2m x 3m x 12m, appearing to have a surface area of 24 m2. It appears to have a roof on top of it, and a trap door on roof for access. It has a door on its southern face, height approximately 1.9m, and two windows, on the eastern and western faces of SCP-XXX, at the height of 1.4m, dimensions 0.3m x 0.5m.

Both the door and windows are made up of two layers, one external and one internal component. The external door is made up of a wooden frame and an iron net, and the internal door is a plain commercially-bought door; the windows are made up of an internal window and an external window, seperately operated.

The interior of SCP-XXX is a different enviroment from its exterior: it is a perfect cube, dimensions 5m x 5m x 5m, and in three of the four walls has two doors, while in the wall of entry there are three. All the doors are the same save for a brass plate on each with text inscribed in the fashion of "Left/Right Door, [DATA EXPUNGED]" while the entrance door has a plate inscribed with a plain "Entry". There are also trap doors and ladders in the NE corner and windows in between the eastern and western pairs of doors. The windows appear to be the ones on the outside.

So far, after ██ attempts of exploring SCP-XXX, no agent managed to return from the house, getting lost in the process. Caution advised.
It has been noted that, if the person keeps walking forward through the left door, after █ doors, the person will be back where they started. Each room investigated appears to be of the same dimensions as the entry room and the same layout of doors, trap doors and ladders. Only the entry room appears to have windows.

(Addition, ██-█-20██) After extensive mapping attempts and the loss of ██ agents, [REDACTED] has theorised what SCP-XXX is. According to [REDACTED], SCP-XXX is a perfect penteract, dimensions 5m x 5m x 5m x 5m x 5m, whose total "hypervolume" is 3125 m5.
[REDACTED] also theorised that the left and right doors are for navigating through different dimensions: the left door for navigating the fourth and the right door for navigating the fifth dimension. Ladders are also used as navigational tools in much the same way as doors.
SCP-XXX therefore has to have no strange and unexplainable property other than its polydimensionality.

(Addition, █-█-20██) The theory of [REDACTED] has been proven: SCP-XXX does indeed appear to be a penteract, because, after going through █ right doors, the individual returns back to his initial tesseract, and thus SCP-XXX is reclassified as borderline safe (it is unknown how thick the walls are, how stabile SCP-XXX actually is, and what lies outside said walls. Caution is advised while experimenting with the structure of SCP-XXX.

(Addition, █-█-20██) After Agent J█████ and three D-Class personell opened four consecutive ████ doors, they dissapeared from SCP-XXX and appeared in what seemed to be a dark forest, now classified as SCP-XXX-A. Video feed continued for ███ minutes, and was broken when the four individuals have been massacred, mutilated and tortured for █ consecutive hours. Authorised personell have rushed in and closed the space warp. SCP-XXX reclassified as Safe/Euclid. It is unknown if there are any more space warps.




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