rotze emeth

I am not entirely sure why I am here.

Perhaps you can help me to figure this out.

Unstable Space-Transfer Device. Yes, it's been done before.

Competitive Eschatology…ROCKS…I'm going to play around for a while. Having noticed a number of interesting patterns about what works and what doesn't, some experiments are in order.

SCP "categories":

Prototypical scenario replay SCP's. Inhabitants are compelled to behave according to a stereotypical "story" which often has a bad ending.


Religious fulfillments.

Realities of religious concepts, reality-based or imagined.

With those out of the way, ideas…

Memetic "writer's complex" object (e.g. pen, magical box, book, which imbues the user with unrestrainable creative impulses, forever. Immortality side effect to be considered.)

Verse interpretation zone. Based on an inserted verse, room becomes a prototypical scenario replay zone. Possible restrictions: Only biblical verses, only pulp-fic verses, only Walt Whitman verses, etc. Input methods could vary.
Relationship with 914? Origin story? WHOA.

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