Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within an airtight storage locker at Site-19. The locker must be locked at all times (to prevent accidental access), unless during testing. Any emergency containment method must be airtight if SCP-XXXX is to be contained within it for more than ██ minutes. As SCP-XXXX is unable to penetrate solid matter it is of no risk once locked inside an area of space, permitting that it’s completely enclosed. Once contained SCP-XXXX will never move until there is a method of escape.


SCP-XXXX stalks the most mentally unstable individual within a direct line of sight. SCP-XXXX only appears to be observable by its prey, no machinery is capable of detecting its existence, even by electromagnetic radiation. To the observer, SCP-XXXX appears to be composed of a dark, dense gas. It constantly moves in a swirling motion while never separating from any part of itself, similar to how a snake moves. SCP-XXXX cannot be blown around by air currents as gases can be, no matter or force can interact with it. If there are any small openings it must fit through, such as the gap beneath a door, with time it can ease itself through these but this process takes many minutes; usually from ██ to ██. The face that SCP-XXXX appears to have seems to be a highlight of the background behind it and made of the same mystery substance the body is made of. The physical appearance varies between victims but is most commonly a slim gas-like shadow that always faces the victim.

SCP-XXXX appears to make footstep sounds along with the sound of heavy breathing, however, only its prey is able to ‘hear’ these sounds. It is believed that these sounds are created by manipulating its prey’s reality via interfering with critical parts of the brain responsible for controlling the body’s senses. How SCP-XXXX does this is unknown, however it is believed that it is done via [DATA EXPUNGED] or [DATA EXPUNGED]. As a result, only the prey can ‘hear’ these sounds.

SCP-XXXX can be photographed by anyone (even though it isn’t visible by eye) in the form it is currently visible to the prey. When imaged, it is always facing the camera, even if it is simultaneously photographed from two different angles.

SCP-XXX appears to exhibit no life-like properties, indicating it is some form of spirit or [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is yet to be determined if it is capable of evolving or changing aside from appearance.


“stalker” like being

Very deep breathing behind ‘victim’

Shadow-like, translucent

2d-like, faces person it is following so that no one has ever seen the sides or back

Only visible to whom it is following

Footsteps/Breathing can only be heard by the ‘victim’

Easy to lock in room, makes no attempt to escape

Causes mental illnesses, mainly paranoia, indirectly

Only follows the most vulnerable around which will be the closest person if no one else is around, then may later jump to another mentally unstable individual

Can’t be physically touched, hand just passes through it.

Exhibits no life-like processes, it doesn’t appear to breathe.

Only seems to exist to cause fear and paranoia

Moves at human walk speed

Physical shape varies with individual viewing it, but not on images. Usually a slim figure.

Arms and legs usually non-existent, they are just faded out or don’t have places to join on.

Appears to float when viewed.

Footsteps/breathing are implanted in victims mind during the duration of the ‘stalking’

Swirls constantly, even while not ‘walking’

Victims deem themselves mentally unstable, as ‘going crazy’ or paranoid because they can see they are always being followed, cannot touch it (as it stays motionless when they are not walking/moving) and others cannot see or hear it

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