Ryans scp

Item #: SCP-1257

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimen SCP-1257 To be held in a 3m by 3m by 5m locked room constructed by rebar and concrete. no more than one D-Class may enter.

Description: SCP-1257 is a meter tall white humanoid entity. The specimen was found in 2010 near a abandoned house in victoria, british columbia by Agent [REDACTED] after a string of missing persons cases.
Upon being found The specimen let out a scream that caused most electronics to shut down. it was captured shotly after by the same agent. those looking at it feel a strong sense of dread and/or paranoia. several minutes after being looked at, the subject now dubbed SCP-1257-1 will feel compelled to get into contact with SCP-1257. Under no Circumstances may they be allowed to come into contact with each other.
After three hours, scp-1257-1 will fall on its knees and begin to scream, shutting down electronics. after four hours it will lose all vital signs but continue screaming. after five hours it will cease all movement and stop screaming. After six hours they will begin to decompose rapidly, reducing the body to bones in exactly 4 minutes.

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