Experiments on 914

Name: Dr. Sachiru
Date: ██/██/████
Total items: 2x 700MB CD-R discs, 1x 4.5GB DVD+R disc, 1x DVD-RAM drive, all of the same brand.

Input: 1x 700MB CD-R disc
Setting: Very Fine
Output: Results similar to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Input: 1x 4.5GB DVD+R disc
Setting: Very Fine
Output: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Apparently, this is of a similar composition with [DATA EXPUNGED], with greater capacities.

Input: 1x DVD-RAM drive.
Setting: Very Fine
Output: A small black box that [DATA EXPUNGED]. As with the other experiments, the label suggests that it is a device manufactured by [DATA EXPUNGED], the same company that produced the media used in this test, but as expected neither the product nor the technology used to create it currently exist. Although it provides positive feedback of operation no matter which media is placed in it, including the previous two results, testing to confirm whether it can store and retrieve media in the form of [DATA EXPUNGED] cannot be completed, due to its interface being incompatible with current technology, and thus indecipherable. Research on the device is now planned.

Seriously, this thing's screwing around with us. I mean, I thought I had solved the quantum CD reader problem! —Dr. Sachiru

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