Sadist's Plaything
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe in instate. Safe/Elucid in active state.

Special Containment Procedures: ██Storage inside SCP-XXX-1 is the only requirement for storage of SCP-XXX-2 while SCP-XXX is in it's unactivated state. Access to SCP-XXX by any personal for reasons outside of experimentation is prohibited unless thorough psychiatric evaluations of requesting personal has been conducted, and a minimum of three (3) psychiatric staff give approval.

In pre-active state (blown up) SCP-XXX-1 should be kept away from any personal with a professed intrest in the sadomasochism. Additional caution should be observed if the personal has a history of violence, as SCP-XXX-1 activation distance seems to increase with the relative desire/intensity of the sadists present.

In active state SCP-XXX containment procedure is variable, based on requests of SCP-XXX's activator, requirements of the experiment, and properties of the specific instance of SCP-XXX.

Description: ██ In inactive, and pre-active state SPC-XXX-2 resembles a 'blow up doll' of unspecified manufacture, and origin. SPC-XXX-1 appears, in inactive state, to be made from a gray colored plastic, and resembling a humanoid female of 130cm in height. SCP-XXX facial expression resembles one of an 'O' shape, presumably for use as a sex toy. SCP-XXX-1 is a simple cardboard box, approx. 30x30x15cm in size. The only identified able markings on SCP-XXX-2 are a large sticker on the front portraying a picture of SCP-XXX-2, and the words "THE SADISTS PLAYTHING: A LOVE DOLL FOR YOUR DARK SIDE". If SCP-XXX-2 is removed from SCP-XXX-1 it will immediately inflate to it's full size. In this pre-active state it is impossible to deflate SCP-XXX-2, even through means of creating puncture holes in the surface of SCP-XXX-2. SCP-XXX displays no other anomalous properties at this point.

Once in approached by someone with, known or unknown, sadistic desires SCP-XXX will activate. Exact activation distance is currently unknown, but SCP-XXX seems to respond based on the amount of desire of the activator. Ranges recorded have been as far as 12km, or as close as 1 cm. Activated, SPC-XXX-2 transforms rapidly into a human creature object of the activators sadistic desires (See Experiment Log in Addendum-1 for selected list, and ████████████ for the full list). Similarly SCP-XXX-1 expands into a doorway leading to a room equipped with the activators desired items for use on SCP-XXX-2. No current limit on capacity of SCP-XXX-1 is known, either in size that it can expand, or items it can produce.
Addendum: ██

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