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you make sure my text does not plain suck
you'll never know guys, how much this box rocks,
magician hornpipe oh holy duck

Item #:

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-### is to be kept in its own locked drawer in Secure Filing Facility ██. Envelope containing SCP-### is to clearly label it as a memetic hazard. This report must remain appended to SCP-## at all times except during testing. Copies made of SCP-### (dubbed SCP-###-1) for testing purposes must be incinerated upon conclusion of test.

Description: SCP-### is a letter consisting of twelve (12) sentences of modern English, in some cases poorly spelled, originally inscribed in common blue ink on one sheet of college ruled lined paper. Contents of SCP-###’s message appear to be a “break-up letter” addressed to Eric ███ from his former girlfriend.

SCP-### first came to the attention of the Foundation in conjuncture with a short string of unexplained deaths. The original SCP was found by the agent dispatched (Agent E. Michaels) to investigate on the person of the late Sandra ██████, for whom no medical cause of death could be found. A similar lack of cause was found to be true of her husband, local coroner James ██████, and of Eric ███, the last body the coroner had worked on, to whom the letter had been addressed. During his investigation Agent Michaels reported feelings of dizziness and fatigue. Agent Michaels did not report in again afterwards, and was found dead by the retrieval team, no medical cause found, with SCP-### in his hand. The retrieval team followed procedure, and SCP-### was delivered to Site ██ for testing and containment without further incident.

Testing has determined that reading and understanding the contents of the letter causes at first, fatigue and dizziness. Repeated readings cause disorientation, nausea, and finally, death. Reading the letter once creates a weak compulsion to read it a second time.
Initially it was believed that the paper was responsible for SCP-###’s deleterious effects, but further testing proved the paper to be mundane. It is the message of SCP-### that is deadly, as copies of its contents, including spelling errors and punctuation, exhibit the same properties. For further information refer to SCP-### Test Log.

Addendum: It appears that this particular combination and arrangement of words and punctuation can effect reality in a reliable and repeatable way. Research is ongoing into finding other arrangements and combinations with similar properties.

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