Cthulhu — reluctant deity —
Q: Isn't that what you want, more… errrm… followers?
' Hell no, I don't want more followers. That'll bring my

[indecipherable]*1* off the charts. Wait, what do you mean by 'my

kind', [indecipherable]? *2*

*1*At this moment in the recording, SCP-4999 simultaenously uses

several of its mouths to make sounds. Careful examination of the

audio recording reveal eighteen distinct overlapping voices, only two

of which are in languages recognized by Foundation analysts. One is

the Latin word "focus", and the other is a Farsi word spoken in a

heavy accent that roughly translates to "reach" or "extension".

*2*Again, SCP-4999 speaks several words at once. Researcher Q was

wearing a detector suite along with his postal service uniform, which

measured a burst of X-ray radiation at this moment. Dr. has

formed a hypothesis that SCP-4999's communication extends into the

electromagnetic spectrum.

Q: Errrr…

SCP-4999: Just [DATA EXPUNGED] with you, kid.

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