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Spectral image of SCP-853 in a transitional state.

Item #: SCP-853

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-853 is contained in a 10m x 10m x 10m containment chamber at the bottom of Research Area 17. SCP-853 is to be observed by no less than four (4) designated observers in rotating 1 hour shifts; observers are to notify supervisory personnel of a need to close their eyes for longer than the designated blink window, and no personnel are to continuously observe SCP-853 for more than four hours in any given 24-hour period. Repeated infractions will be met with disciplinary action, up to and including discharge of offending personnel. If video feed fails for any reason, designated remote viewing ports are to be opened and direct observation enacted.

The containment structure is comprised of layered type IV ferropnictide sandwiching SCP-148, with an 8,000 volt continuous electric charge running through the entire apparatus. The only exceptions are the 4 viewing ports, which are composed of [REDACTED] transparent metal and type III ferropnictide wires to maintain charge coverage. Due to the possibility of fear events (SCP-853 is able to detect a fear state even through ██ inches of electrified SCP-148), all personnel on-site are to be advised of relevant containment procedures and incineration Action Pilosus-97. Emergency stores of SCP-295-1 sufficient for two weeks of threat maintenance are to be kept at no less than 4 locations on-site.

Upon sensing a fear event, SCP-853 will breach intervening material (including standard materials, SCP-148 and SCP-████) via quantum tunneling1 in an attempt to make contact with the target's brain matter. Surviving staff present in the containment area should be quarantined for 2 weeks following an event of this type; if [DATA EXPUNGED]2 occurs, subject is to be terminated, and brain matter immediately incinerated via SCP-295-1.

D-Class Personnel present in the containment area during an event are to be immediately terminated, and brain matter subsequently incinerated via SCP-295-1, due to possible presence of psychological conditions frequently found in D-Class personnel, including:

  • schizophrenia/schizophreniform disorder/schizoaffective disorder
  • bipolar affective disorder
  • delusional disorder
  • paranoid personality disorder
  • borderline personality disorder
  • ██████ █████ ██████
  • █████ ███████ caused by SCP-███
  • ██████ ███ ████ caused by SCP-███
  • Any memetic effect3

Personnel present and confirmed exposed to SCP-853 after a tunneling event are not to be subsequently introduced to any of the above memetic hazards, or memetic hazards estimated within █ points on the Brunvand Memetic Correlation Index, for 8 months. Personnel subsequently exposed to any form of memetic hazard not outlined above are to be quarantined and examined per the tunneling breach protocol listed above. Any personnel previously exposed to memetic effects not listed above are to be screened via the Bloom-Sandoval Method.

Note that repeated exposure to SCP-853 can cause a number of permanent psychological conditions; any persons with more than 20 hours of visual contact or present during an uncontained fear event are to be screened via the IC-12 Dhaav test, and screened once a week thereafter for a period of no less than 6 months. Personnel who accumulate ██ hours of visual contact or █ fear events without developing any psychological conditions are recommended for extended duty. Personnel exposed to any listed memetic hazards are not permitted on-site without the permission of three (3) Level 4 personnel who have been screened by the Bloom-Sandoval Method.4 If any personnel displays symptoms of [DATA EXPUNGED], notify security personnel and initiate Action Pilosus-97 of quarantine area. If multiple cases arise, initate said action in containment area, affected areas and any surrounding areas. If containment is not re-established within █ hours, the on-site nuclear device will be automatically activated. Despite the high rate of attrition caused by the tunneling action, sufficient quantities of SCP-853 will tunnel outside containment in ██% of attempts to successfully coalesce and begin predation; request for greater quantities of SCP-148 to reinforce containment is under review.

Once weekly, SCP-853 is to be fed by introducing an individual who has been screened for mental disorders by means of the Dhaav test; only subjects rated at or above the 99th mental health percentile are used for this purpose outside of emergency conditions.

Reports of SCP-853 phenomena or known manifestations outside containment are to be reported to Director Roberts; Mobile Task Force Omega-4 "Dustmen" will be dispatched to investigate and destroy confirmed instances.

Description: SCP-853 is an entity composed entirely of non-baryonic matter.5 The matter does not participate in graviton exchange or [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in a lack of effect by the weak nuclear force. The entity is currently theorized to be composed of [REDACTED] and so should be affected by supergravity; this theory is supported by observation.6 SCP-853 gives off low levels of electromagnetic radiation due to the slow decay of its matter; this radiation is low intensity and incapable of causing significant damage without prolonged exposure and so is of no concern See Addendum 853-17a.

Analysis of SCP-853 determined on ██/██/20██ that its constituent matter consistently carries a slight negative electric charge and is therefore subject to electron repulsion, leading to current containment procedures. The entity is capable of converting baryonic matter into more SCP-853, though this conversion requires an EM wavelength profile most naturally abundant in human [DATA EXPUNGED] during a fear state as a catalyst. SCP-853 is sentient and estimated to have been present on earth for at least ██,███ years. Many supernatural historical events (including the haunting of the ███ family in Amityville, New York; odd events and deaths occurring in the ██████ Forest in West Sussex, England; claims of spirit possession in ████; and ██████) are now believed to have arisen or been caused by SCP-853. SCP-853's preferred predation method is to approach sleeping subjects in a REM state and induce a nightmare response via [DATA EXPUNGED].7 Due to SCP-853's extreme sensitivity to human thought patterns and variable form, it will often attempt to induce a fear state in observers. Although observation is hazardous, initial containment attempts failed due to a lack of "observer effect": SCP-853 is capable of translocation via quantum entanglement8 when unobserved. Although in all observed cases SCP-853 has materialized on-site in order to attempt predation, it is theoretically capable of transmitting to any location within ███ km, with much larger distances possible. SCP-853 must be unobserved for approximately ██ seconds before it can transmit enough matter to coalesce in another location.9 SCP-853 is capable of significantly altering its appearance, generally to a form its target's thought patterns indicate is alarming; how it makes this determination is unknown. In addition, it is capable of creating a wide variety of sound emissions. These two traits combined allow the entity to provoke fear reactions from the majority of known living creatures, though the subject can only feed off of mammals.

SCP-853 was located in the town of ██████████, ██████, and █% of its original mass was contained and transferred to Research Area 17. The remaining percentage of the entity's original mass was destroyed by [REDACTED; a nuclear detonation], and cover story 'Phoenix Mirage' was issued, supported by false evidence seeded and reported to various foreign and domestic intelligence agencies.

Addendum 853-7b: See Experiment Log 853-5-a

Addendum 853-15a: "We've confirmed that combustion of SCP-853 by SCP-295-1 removes all anomalous properties, converting it into normal electrons and baryonic matter. It is slated for decommissioning on ██- 02- 20██ according to standing orders." -Researcher Uvahn; ██- 01- 20██

Addendum 853-15b: "SCP-853 is a valuable source of information on quantum entanglement, translocation and exotic particle physics, including a possibility of higher magnitude antimatter production. As such, it is to remain in containment until we fully understand its properties and unique abilities." -Researcher Gade; ██- 02- 20██

Addendum 853-16a: "Due to a lack of progress reproducing SCP-853's unique properties, it is slated for decommission." -O5-██; ██- 11- 20██

Addendum 853-17a: "During routine monitoring of [REDACTED] communications an encrypted message was discovered referencing Research Area 17's location; specifically, the containment area housing SCP-853. Full spectral imaging of the radiation produced by SCP-853 revealed a similarly encrypted repeating pattern hidden within the background "waste" radiation given off by the entity: hyperspectral exploitation algorithms were developed and led to ███ uncontained instances of SCP-853. ██ are currently known to exist outside containment, tracking of these rogue instances is underway. By order of the O5 council, decommission postponed until we can confirm there are no more of these things running around out there." -Area Director Roberts; ██- ██- 20██

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