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Item #: SCP-1445

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1445 is to be held in a 10 m x 10 m containment cell, designated 244-L, at all times. 3 security cameras must be stationed inside the cell and operational at all times. Any attempts by SCP-1445 to obscure camera view will be treated as a hostile act. SCP-1445 is given basic furnishings, comparable to an E-Class housing unit. An armed guard is stationed at all times outside the cell, and 3 additional guards are posted during the winter solstice. Visits, interviews, and studies held inside the cell are normally restricted to Level 3 personnel and above. The fridge inside the containment cell is to be restocked every 6 hours with edible items totaling 2000 calories. 3 days a week, one D-Class personnel is brought into the cell for 6 hours at a time, instructed to focus on the idea that SCP-1445 is real. SCP-1445-1 are held at a factory constructed near 244-L, referred to as 244-F. Access to 244-F is restricted to Level 2 Research personnel and the security detail stationed outside. The inhabitants of 244-F are given food rations every 12 hours. SCP-1445-2 is held in a stable outside 244-L. Access to SCP-1445-2 is allowed to all foundation personnel. Its caretaker, selected yearly from a pool of D-Class, maintains SCP-1445-2's health.

Description: SCP-1445 is an anomalous Caucasian male of indeterminate age, balding, with a large white beard. The subject’s weight upon retrieval was recorded as 450 pounds; in 2008 he was recorded at 360 pounds. Most of SCP-1445’s body fat is confined to his disproportionately large stomach. SCP-1445's arms and legs are atrophied and grow increasingly frail, seemingly sustained only by D-Class intervention.

SCP-1445 was recovered from ████, Sweden, in the early 19th century during an attempted expedition to the north pole. Letters reporting an "odd, rotund man" were intercepted by foundation agents and a team was dispatched to cover up the discovery. All members of the expedition team were lobotomized and SCP-1445 was placed under foundation care. Almost all records of his containment prior to 1940 have been lost, and the only knowledge of the foundation's efforts with SCP-1445 are information recalled by SCP-1445 itself. SCP-1445 demonstrates the ability to move at abnormal speeds during the summer and winter solstice, but only exercises abilities with provocation (See Interview 1445-A). Subject has displayed the potential for matter generation, first discovered after Interview 1445-A.

SCP-1445 is the caretaker of thirty-six malformed dwarves, collectively referred to as SCP-1445-1. The dwarves have misshapen faces, disproportionately large hands, and stained blue jumpsuits. All known examples of SCP-1445-1 were recovered after Interview 1445-B. SCP-1445-1 subjects display above average skill with electronics and building materials, verbally displaying a desire to construct common household appliances and luxury items.

SCP-1445-2 is a Rangifer tarandus male, displaying numerous health problems, including arthritis, obesity, and cancer. SCP-1445-2 has several bio-luminous tumors on its face and snout, but is otherwise mundane. It is kept under foundation custody at the request of SCP-1445 and Dr. ████

Addendum: After Interview 1445-B, resources are in place to assist SCP-1445 with his attempts at philanthropy and gradually make his existence public knowledge once more. D-Class are assigned to SCP-1445's containment cell and instructed to focus that the subject is in the same room as them and that he is a real conscious entity. Foundation staff employees are allowed to bring their children to visit SCP-1445 from November to December. Children are surveyed after every visitation. Four-fifths of surveys report disinterest in SCP-1445 and some variation of the desire to visit "the one at the mall."

Request 1445-JR7, 11/14/08: Repeated requests for lumber to build a fire in containment cell. Request denied.

Request 1445-LG9, 12/31/08: Request to visit 1445-1 subjects. Request granted. SCP-1445 displayed visible difficulty walking and was returned to his cell after 10 minutes with his "workers."

Request 1445-OF4, 08/20/09: 16 requests over 2 weeks for increased amounts of milk, yogurt, cheese, and pastries. Request granted.

Request 1445-RI6, 06/04/11: 9 requests in one day for a doctor. SCP-1445 was examined and found to have torn ligaments, rheumatoid arthritis in both hands, and minor scoliosis . Additional D-Class with hospice care background assigned to containment cell, with bi-monthly visits totaling 16 hours.

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