Sapient Hologram
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Item #: SCP-1599

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: After several attempts by SCP-1599 to escape it has been locked in a 3m by 3m ceramic vault coated in a layer of EMI/RFI shielding. The locking mechanism is manual and composed of magnetically inert materials.

Rubber gloves are to be worn by personnel in the event that SCP-1599 must be handled.

Description: SCP-1599 is a black ceramic disk with a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 15 cm. Panels in the bottom of the disk open to deploy 6 jointed legs and two limbs that have been damaged. When at rest the legs are undetectable. By means currently unknown the disk can produce a high resolution hologram. Testing has shown that the holograms are electromagnetic in nature and are not projected directly from the disk. These holograms can appear anywhere within 30m of the disk.

The holograms, classified as SCP-1599-1, all seem to share a common design flaw. SCP-1599 appears to have a mental block that keeps it from realizing that all instances of SCP-1599-1 have horns and the same colored eyes. This was thought to be a ploy but testing has shown that SCP-1599 cannot make a hologram without adding the extra features. This may be the result of being damaged or it could be a psychological problem. Further psychological testing is requested. The instance of SCP-1599-1 it is most comfortable with projecting is a humanoid 27cm in height. This is generally accepted as how the device wants to be viewed.

The object cannot project sound in the same way it creates electromagnetic fields. Any voice or sound it makes originates from SCP-1599. It is adept at ventriloquism, being able to convince most observers that the sound is coming from the hologram. Testing has proven that this is not the case however. Putting the disk in a sound dampening box removes its ability to speak even if it can still produce holograms. This causes it to become agitated however as it seems to believe it is speaking through its images.

SCP-1599 has the ability to gain knowledge of any individual making direct physical contact with it. The exact method and extent of this ability are unknown but SCP-1599 will use any knowledge it acquires to try to convince personnel to assist it in escaping. In one case it projected an image specific to a researcher that caused severe mental trauma. The individual affected was given a class A amnesiac and transferred to another facility. Direct physical contact is not advised except under testing conditions.

After 40 hours of operation SCP-1599 expresses the need to sleep and enters a dormant state for exactly 11 hours. During this time it is safe to handle the object for examination purposes but direct physical contact should still be avoided. During examination the disk appears to be a solid ceramic object regardless of examination methods. At this time direct exploratory examination of the object is not authorized due to the risk of further damaging the sample.

Addendum 1599-1 to date requests made by SCP-1599

  • To be referred to as Inanna during interactions. (approved)
  • A room with a window. (denied)
  • A tutor to learn ancient sumerian. (pending approval)
  • A roommate. (denied)
  • A larger room. (denied)
  • A dollhouse (denied)
  • A television. (denied)
  • Internet access. (denied)
  • Repair of its legs. (denied pending a full examination of the leg structure)
  • Exemption from being exposed to D-class personnel. (denied)
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