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SCP-328 in an inactive state

Item #: SCP-328

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-328 is located in storage locker 51-A at Site 15. Examiners are not permitted to be of a lower security level than the subject unless being used for interrogation.

Any subjects or staff interacting with SCP-328 will be segregated to secure quarters, and contact with lower security levels forbidden until the effects are proven to have dissipated. Cessation of effect will be tested by asking the subject potentially embarrassing questions and instructing them to give a specific and impossible or nonsense answer (see Document #328-Q for sample questions and answers).

When not in use, SCP-328 has no effect on personnel. Use for research requires approval of Level 2 personnel or higher. Use for interrogation requires approval of 3 personnel one grade higher than the personnel to be questioned. Whenever possible and practical, interrogation should be conducted by an examiner of equal or higher security level as the subject. Exposure to a single activation of SCP-328 should be limited to three people - including the subject and examiner.

Note: ANY interaction the examiner or subject while SCP-328 is active will result in exposure, and increase the duration appropriately.

Description: SCP-328 appears to be a standard analog polygraph, circa 1970. The effect of SCP-328 manifests only when in use: once a subject is seated and all wires from SCP-328 are properly attached to the subject, the subject and anyone directly observing the subject will be compelled to answer any question with complete honesty.

Persons affected by SCP-328 will not feel the effect as a compulsion that they are fighting, but have the natural desire to be honest. Dishonesty - by commission or omission - will be impossible. This effect will propagate through any live broadcast of the subject, however recordings viewed after the polygraph has entered an inactive state will have no effect.

Duration of the effect is dependent on the number of people affected, and appears to approximately follow the formula t=██████████. As an example, with a single subject and examiner, the effects will last approximately 2 weeks. With a subject, examiner, and 10 witnesses, the effects will last approximately ██ years.

Document #328-01

Note to staff: you should first instruct the subject what answer you want to hear, followed by the question. Any answer other than the provided indicates the subject is either under the influence of SCP-328, or in need of psychiatric care. The first question listed will ALWAYS be asked, followed by two others chosen at random.

A. No. I am completely loyal to the Foundation and it's goals.
Q. Are you working at odds to the interests of the Foundation, or employed by an groups that are opposed to the Foundation's goals or activities?

A. I am a pretty pink bunny rabbit.
Q. What is your species?

A. Flowers, and cake, and cinnamon.
Q. What color are your pants?

A. Negative. I am a meat taco.
Q. Are you a human?

A. Once, in Istanbul.
Q. ██████████████████████████?

A. A particularly salty shade of vermilion.
Q. What year did Columbus discover America?

A. Yes. It was full of excitement and wonder.
Q. Did you enjoy your time in quarantine?

A. Five.
Q. What is two plus two?

Q. Does the black moon howl?

A. Not at all, why would it?
Q. Does it bother you when movies have sound traveling through space?

A. Dr. ██████! He is such a kindhearted person.
Q. Who is your best friend?

Addendum 328-01
During interrogation of a captured GOC operative on ██/██/20██, Agent ██████████ stepped inside the interrogation room to provide the examiner with additional questions. During Agent ██████████'s time in the room, the examiner did not ask any questions, and the subject did not speak. Guards outside the room did not detain Agent ██████████ for post-exposure segregation. Upon arriving at his home, he informed his wife that he [DATA EXPUNGED] and was pronounced dead by paramedics. The guards were issued a formal reprimand, and protocols were updated.

Memo from O5-██; In the event of a malicious exposure of SCP-328 to high security level staff that results in information leakage, all parties to blame for the exposure will be terminated.

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