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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP to be contained within an 8 x 8 x 4 meter chamber.
Staff are not permitted to enter unless carrying higher level clearance. Female staff are at an elevated risk.

Description: SCP-01 is a deceased caucasian male, identified as [expunged], age 75. Both the date and cause of death are currently unknown. Lodged in SCP's oesophagus is SCP-02 a live male infant, unidentified. SCP - 02 appears to be approximately 2 weeks old. X-ray scans indicate that the lower half of SCP - 02 has been shredded and consumed by SCP - 01. An unidentified organ joins the remnants of SCP-02's abdomen to SCP - 01's esophageal wall. SCP - 02 is seemingly unpeturbed by its condition, and has the same typical needs and desires of a 2 week old child. Stress fractures and damaged tissue in the jaw and mandible suggests that SCP - 01 attempted to resist the insertion of SCP - 02.

Both SCPs are stable in their present condition, with SCP - 01 undergoing none of the physical changes or decomposition associated with a corpse, and SCP - 02 neither developing beyond his current "age", nor suffering ill health in spite of extensive tissue loss. As such, it is impossible to identify the true ages of either.
As neither individual present any obvious threat, the Foundation is currently considering the employment of a class D "wet nurse", to attempt to provide nourishment to SCP - 02. (see Addenda).

Addendum: After the events of [expunged], it has been deemed necessary to provide artificial means to provide SCP - 02 with nourishment. Further observations reveal that when presented with a source of nutrition, SCP - 01 will animate, and immediately approach the source. Once SCP - 02 has been nourished, SCP - 01 will become dormant again. SCP - 01 will aggressively resist attempts to remove the source of nutrition before SCP - 02 is sated. SCP - 01 will also respond with heightened aggression to any stimuli that perturb SCP - 02.

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