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SCP-101-J doing what it does. Don't ask why.

Item #: SCP-101-J

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: —Subject is to be kept in a 5m x 10m room furnished to resemble a small stretch of country road. SCP-101-J has been noted to pace back and forth across its containment at random intervals. At no time is any member of personnel permitted to attempt to ask about or justify SCP-101-J's behavior, as this is observed to cause unnecessary discomfort in the specimen and fits of unprofessional giggling and groans of disgust in staff.—
Pursuant to incident SCP-101-J-1, SCP-101-J has been killed by excessive overanalysis. Further specimens of similar nature are to be treated with more care.

Description: SCP-101-J appears as an ordinary white member of Gallus gallus domesticus

Incident Log SCP-101-J-1
Dr. ██████ had developed with an unhealthy fixation on the subject, and was noted to constantly mutter the basic question to himself. Having been assigned psychological evaluation to test for unknown side effects of exposure to SCP-101-J, including possible memetic mutation, he was met in the corridor by D-██████ who somehow explained, in pedantic and serious detail, SCP-101-J's behavior without having seen the specimen. D-██████ is now undergoing testing to evaluate possible psychic SCP status, and the overanalysis of SCP-101-J's behavior has evidently killed it.

Does this make a -J class SCP that became -D class by virtue of being -EX class?
- Dr. ██████

Requesting formal disciplinary action on Dr. ██████. He has now cost us the life of SCP-101-J-2, just when we'd managed to replace the first one.
- Dr. ██████████

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