Containment Procedures

SCP-XXX is to be fenced off and lightly guarded. Nobody is allowed to enter any of the rooms of SCP-XXX, with the exception of test subjects.


SCP-XXX is a large, indestructable hallway located inside a medium-sized stone castle with no other special features. SCP-XXX contains 30 rooms known as danger rooms. Each room contains a black, human-shaped figure hereafter referred to as SCP-XXX-1. Each room also has several indestructible panes of glass, 3 as windows to the hallway, and 1 of which is a locked glass door. Behind this door is a timer and a human female in suspended animation, SCP-XXX-2

Event SCP is SCP-XXX-1's reaction to the proper conditions. During Event SCP-XXX-A, bullets and laser beams materialize either at the walls of the danger room or at SCP-XXX-1's location.

Each of these danger rooms is numbered and sorted by the difficulty of surviving Event SCP-XXX-A in that room. In rooms of greater difficulty, SCP-XXX-1 shoots more bullets, faster bullets, more lasers, faster-moving lasers, and bullets and lasers in more impressive and difficult-to-dodge patterns. In addition, Event SCP-XXX-A lasts longer, a length of time that steadily increases from 10 to 60 minutes depending on the room's number. The foundation would need more D-Class personnel to outlast Event SCP-XXX-A on rooms of higher number, reaching an estimated 500 million for room 30.

When a human person enters a danger room while no metal objects are inside, Event SCP-XXX-A starts. Such persons are hereafter referred to as evaders. When there are no living evaders left for more than 10 seconds or the timer goes to 0, Event SCP-XXX-A ends. If the timer reached 0 during this period of time, the glass door disappears, and SCP-XXX-2 is awakened.

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