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Item #: SCP-6031

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6031 is to be kept in a 6m x 6m ordinary bedroom. Subject is allowed to freely wander within the facility, but must be watched by at least two security personnel with reasonably good eyesight all the time. Subject is not allowed within one hundred meters of non safe SCP object for security reasons, unless approved. Requests that do not violate any standard SCP procedures can be granted.

Description: SCP-6031 appears to be a young female humanoid; this is about the only thing that people agree with. Any other observations of SCP-6031 varies between different observers, including but not limited to, race, weight, height, blood type, hair color, skin color, general shape, voice tone, and DNA composition. Only three properties of SCP-6031 remain true regardless of whom the observer is: age group, gender, and being humanoid. Observers who see SCP-6031 can all roughly agrees on whereabouts SCP-6031 is located at, but would never reach an agreement upon its exact coordinate.

Attempts to measure simple properties of SCP-6031, such as height and weight, had all failed; the result of any measurement or test performed on SCP-6031 will vary depend on who it is that did the test. Collecting body fluids of SCP-6031 is possible, and the biological tests will always confirm that the subject is indeed a young human female. However, other details that one may expect to extract from these tests, such as white blood cell count, blood pH, glucose level, or DNA composition, produced no fixed results; SCP-6031 refuses to perform those tests by itself. Photographs of SCP-6031 look differently in the eyes of different people, as well as other attempts of recording her in an objective way.

All tests on SCP-6031 can only be done where there are humans around; attempts to analyse SCP-6031 with automatic machinery or devices failed, as the machinery or device would act as if SCP-6031 does not exist if there are no human observers. Organisms other than homo sapien ignore SCP-6031 regardless whether or not human observers are around; having the same personnel repeat the same test on the subject will produce the same result, meaning that the test results were not random, but is dependent of the observer.

One condition would allow two different people to see SCP-6031 as the same: SCP-6031 appears to be the same between siblings. This only works for siblings who share the same biological mother; adopted siblings, or siblings who have different biological mothers reported seeing SCP-6031 differently.
The observed SCP-6031 would mostly appear healthy, with no lost limbs or other apparent deficiencies (exceptions exist; a small percentage of people is able to see SCP-6031 as handicapped or ill). The observed SCP-6031 would always appear to be in the same race of the observer. Most observers think that SCP-6031 look reasonably fine, but neither too much of a beauty or simply too ugly. When asked to rate on “how good looking do you think SCP-6031 is” on a scale of 10, the highest being 10, 6.5 was the average score.

Even through non human organisms or automatic objects ignore her as if she doesn’t exist, SCP-6013 is capable of exerting influences on those things that ignore her without a human observer. For example, SCP-6013 can furnish her own room without people watching her. Animals with a reasonable intelligence (cat, dog, monkey), when been affected by SCP-6013, would look curious and confused; human babies see SCP-6013 normally, and have the tendency to act very friendly towards to the subject.

SCP-6013 appears to be friendly, cheerful, and talkative to most human observers, while holding a good curiosity towards to almost anything. However, the subject clearly lacks sympathy, as demonstrated in the incident of SCP- ███ Containment Breach; she sat on stairs, watched SCP-███ [DATA EXPUNGED] her security personnel, and did nothing besides from trying to buy potato chips from a vending machine. SCP-6013 also has no respect over personal privacy, often attempting to pry people with questions that people usually do not ask out a lot in public in modern society.

Despite the behaviour of wanting to know more about private personal information of others, SCP-6013 refuses requests from other to reveal her own personal information, including whereabouts she had been, or how old she is. However, from the amount of information SCP-6013 was willingly to shared about traveling as a general topic, it’s been speculated that she might have had done extensive traveling in the past, and had an age that allowed her to at least travel that much.

Description: SCP-6031 was first found on ███████, United States, part of a central bank. Her presence caused people to alarm, as ██████ was supposedly to be security restricted area. It was later discovered that SCP-6031 simply walked in when the guard was paying too much of his attention to a window (security devices ignores SCP-6031 if no human attempts to observe SCP-6031). Polices were called, SCP-6031 arrested; several different reports were made on SCP-6031, in which all recorded SCP-6031 as to have different physical traits. At this point, the Foundation began to investigate.


Experiment log 6031

Experiment Log of: Dr. █████, testing exposure of SCP-6031 to different objects, mostly SCP items.

Experiment-01: exposure to SCP- ███ (during the containment bleach).

SCP- ███ (a non humanoid SCP) acted as if SCP-6031 did not exist. SCP-6031 was completely ignored by SCP- ███, even though there were live humans around as observers at the initial contact.

Note: Yes I know, this wasn’t an intended experiment, it’s a containment bleach; but the exposure happened, so it’s recorded anyways.

Experiment-02: exposure to flu virus.

SCP-6031 was sent into a sealed room, and the room was later pumped in with air filled with airborne flu virus. SCP-6031 remained healthy; tests on her body fluid suggested that the virus ignored SCP-6031, like what any other organism would do.

Experiment-03: exposure to SCP-187.

SCP-187 reported seeing SCP-6031 as a fine-looking teenage Caucasian girl. SCP-187 saw no alternate images of SCP-6031.

Experiment-04: exposure to SCP-458.

SCP-458 produced nothing, ignoring the presence of SCP-6031; SCP-6031 felt disappointed about being unable to get pizza.

Experiment-05: exposure to SCP-166.

Both described each other as “cute, but nothing special.”

Experiment-06: exposure to SCP-336.

SCP-6031 requested a black marker before meeting; request granted. Upon exposure, SCP-336 acted as if SCP-6031 does not exist, whereas SCP-6031 then uses the marker to happily make drawings on SCP-336’s face. SCP-336 was confused, and did nothing besides from attempting to remove the drawings. SCP-6031 later stated that “I knew she won’t see me, and I can’t resist the urge to prank on her” when asked about the reason of having made the request for pen in advance.

Experiment-06: exposure to SCP-073.

SCP-6031 appears to be sympathetic and rather caring towards to SCP-073, despite her previous non-caring attitude to all other personnel. SCP-073 reported seeing SCP-6031 as a “nice, caring, Arabic or Middle Eastern little lady”.

Experiment-07: exposure to SCP-343.

SCP-343 predicted SCP-6031 to reject the proposal, and said that the free will of SCP-6031 would be respected. SCP-6031 did so, showing (the first time ever observed) expressions of disgust upon hearing the proposal itself.

Experiment-08: exposure to the female homo sapien born from SCP-646.

The female homo sapien reported seeing SCP-646.

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