SCP-1228: Isaac

Item #:SCP-1228

Object Class: Safe (Euclid, in certain circumstances)

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-1228 is allowed a 20'x 10 foot room with a bed, a fleece blanket, a lamp, and anything else approved by high-level personnel. If it is discovered that SCP-1228 is missing, high-level personel are to be alerted. However, since this is a normal occurence, no great action shall be expected to be undertaken.

Description: SCP-1228 appears as a caucasian male with a height of approximately 5 feet and 10 inches. Subject has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and is dressed in grey cargo pants, a black t-shirt, Asics brand sneakers, and a black and grey striped Converse hoodie that is rather big on said subject. Is believed to be from multiple cultures, including Swedish, Belgian, and French. Subject's main language is English, although appears to know some Spanish as well. Has asked on multiple occasions to be referred to as "Isaac." The subject also seems to have an interest in knives, and has proven that he can use such weapons quite well, as shown during {DATA EXPUNGED}

SCP-1228 is from a small town off the coast of {DATA EXPUNGED}, where it is supposed he lived his whole life. His real name is yet unknown. SCP-1228 appears to be able to go anywhere in the world anytime he wishes, and has also been shown to have other supernatural abilities, including seeming invunerability. The Foundation first became aware of SCP-1228 when tales of an odd young man who could retrieve seemingly any object reached the ears of Agent *NAME CENSORED*, who was working undercover as a substitute teacher at the time. Not much is known about the subject as of yet. However, due to his helpful nature, it is being speculated that perhaps the best way would be to ask. For the time being, the subject has become a sort of errand boy for the Foundation, helping to transport important documents between warehouses.

None as of yet. Tests are to begin within the next months.

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