Item #: SCP-001a

Object Class: Eulcid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is to be kept in a double-layer plexiglass tube held within a plexi-
glass dome within a special room, lined with obsidian. An obsidian shade must be kept over the container at all
times, as SCP-001a cannot get through obsidian. A titanium room must surround the container with triple airlocks
in case of release.

Description: SCP-001a, AKA the Biotech Virus, uses microscopic pieces of metal to make it's colonies on. Colonies
consist of 1,000-46,000 members. These tiny creatures incase themselfs in metal atoms to become tank like, and over
many years they have evolved to a status where they have integrated circutry into themselfs, using old circut-
boards in rubbish-dumps in India. Soon after, it engulphed the medium town of Phooytoelte. The UN worked to
contain it, however these microscopic colonies still float about in the air. One has been known to take over
a scientest, who became zombie like controlled by the colony's queen.

Document 001a-901-Alpha: Notes on Destruction

First the wooden internal structure of the brick buildings was engulphed, then the brick was taken out from under-
neath, suggesting inter-colonial cooperation. But eventually the colonies started fighting, and most exterminated
each other.

They appear to have 5 castes, in order of importance: worker, engineer (who develope and repair other members and
maintain the nest), soldier, tank (heavily armoured guards, aka super-soldiers), Queen.

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