SCP-034-J (in progess by Etna)
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Item #: SCP-034-J

Object Class: Keter. Very Keter.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-034-J's memetic nature, containment is nearly impossible. However, Taskforce 87-Tau ("Haxxorz") has been ordered to seek out and isolate as many instances of SCP-034-J as they can to slow its spread. Research into a process for reversal of SCP-034-J's effects is currently under way.

Description: SCP-034-J is a highly dangerous memetic threat, spread primarily through the internet, however, it has also been observed to be passed through illustrations as well. Whenever any object, concept, individual (living, dead, fictional, or otherwise), or media franchise is exposed to SCP-034-J, pornographic images of the subject will begin appearing at seemingly-random locations on the internet. Though it is impossible to predict exactly where these depictions will end up, the majority of them are concentrated in sites such as www.4████.org, www.██████████.xxx, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Currently, no subject has been found to be immune to the effects of SCP-034-J. Even those that were supposedly "too innocent to be corrupted" resulted in the creation of several hundred images, which, according to Dr. ███████, "made me feel like my entire childhood went six rounds with 073."

Addendum: As testing of SCP-034-J has continued, results have shown that subjects which are more "innocent", "beautiful", "endearing", or "kid friendly" tend to produce more images, and the content of these images is usually far more graphic. In addition, the reactions of personnel become increasingly negative as their level of personal attachment to the subject exposed to SCP-034-J grows. Such reactions include vomiting, crying, tearing at the hair, clawing of the eyes, hypothermia, diarrhea, ocular bleeding, unconsciousness, screaming, attempts at suicide, death, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

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