Item #: SCP-087-B

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-087-B is located at [AREA RETRACTED] and should be kept confined at all times. The doorway leading to SCP-087-B is constructed of reinforced titanium with an access pad. It has been disguised to resemble an off-limits storage door. The lock mechanism on the doorknob will not release unless ██ volts are applied in conjunction with clockwise rotation of the key. The inside is lined with industrial foam and stainless steel.

Due to the aftermath of the horrific investigation by subject C-9760, all personnel are restricted from entering SCP-087-B. hqdefault.jpg

Description: SCP-087-B is a building with highly unusual properties. When two or more subjects enter SCP-087-B, it appears to be an empty unlit room with concrete walls and a large metal door. The subjects have described feeling anxious and nauseated inside the room, but no further anomalies have been reported. Subjects who have entered SCP-087-B alone have described seeing a dark brick-walled hallway at the wall opposite to the door via radio. Radio signals seem to weaken extremely fast inside SCP-087-B. Radio communication with the subjects becomes impossible when they have entered the hallway. Attempts to re-establish radio contact after losing the signal have failed.

Addendum: Over a period of 6 weeks, following Exploration X, reports of banging, screaming, and devilish cackling. The door has been fitted with 6 centimeters of thick industrial padding. All reports of banging and screaming have seized but the cackling has remained.

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