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Item #: SCP-1036

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [Hibernating nests of SCP-1036 are to be contained in Site 20’s Vault- lockbox 36, at a static temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, at 0-5% humidity. Hibernating nests are to be exterminated, through use of accelerated defoliant projectors, and instances of live nests are to be exterminated by Strike Team “Cookie Monster Hunters” Alpha-17.
Civilian witnesses to live nests are to be given a class B amnesiac and records are to be scrubbed according to the protocol 74 (Where did the week go?).
The active nests in custody are to be held in building 17, the building that used to be the site 20’s main Commissary, and every month 4 kilos of organic produce is to be dropped through the ceiling air-locks. The enclosure measure 50 ft by 50 ft by 12 ft high. Video and audio recordings of the outside and inside of the building are to be watched around the clock, and any attempt to escape the Greenhouse by any instances of SCP-1036-03 to SCP-1036-07 are to be targeted with liquid nitrogen sprays through the fire-suppression system.
No person is permitted into the enclosure (see Addendum 002). Any forms of exploration are to be done with a robot, and upon leaving the enclosure the robot is to be pulsed by ultrasonic vibrations in the 190MHz-220MHz range. ]

Description: [SCP-1036 is ambush /swarm predator, that devours prey by pretending to be a common snack food (Oreo’s, Goldfish, and many other snacks have been observed). Individual SCP-1036 specimens will not move, or react to their environment, until they are eaten. After 2 hours the person who ate the SCP will begin to experience severe stomach pain, and intense nausea. After another few hours the subject will become exhausted, go to sleep. The subject expires in their sleep, and their body mass visibly moves around, as dozens of the SCP’s devour the subject. After the subject has been eaten, the SCP will generate into 2-5 different types of snack food. The SCPs will then spin bags (designated SCP-1036-01, and retreat into the bag, entering the “Hibernating” state.
Hibernating SCP act like normal snack food bags, until left in the presence of any other type of snack food with no large animals nearby, and in an environment above -2 degrees Celsius. If the conditions are not fulfilled, the SCP will remain in Hibernation indefinitely.
We’ve not had any problems so far, but since the vault is refrigerated and made mostly of titanium, we should have few issues with Hibernating instances escaping the vault.- Dr. MephistophelesActive versions of SCP-1036-01 will release the worker version, referred from here on out as SCP-1036-02. These workers will assimilate the various types of snack foods around them, and take the place of each type of snack. This assimilation causes differentiation, and within a few hours more than one active species has been catalogued. See Addendum 001 for a table with descriptions and behavior listings.
The SCP-1036’s will end up creating an ecosystem, after about 3 days of uninterrupted growth. The differentiation causes predator/prey plant/animal relationships to develop based off of the structure of the snack food. Bread loaves become solitary grazers, while the sweet foods tend to become predators. The largest structure recorded was a wedding cake, which used dozens of tentacles made of what appeared to be frosting to snag and absorb smaller creatures, while the smallest snacks seem to be the M&M’s, as they act as parasites for any version of SCP-1036 that has a sticky coating.
All SCP-1036 versions disintegrate if a tone is generated within the 190KHz to 220KHz range is transmitted. Most seem to be vulnerable to fire, except for the -01 Hives.

There have been only two attempts to breach containment, and both were because the commissary had major structural pieces made of wood. After a concrete/glass/steel dome was erected around the Commissary, there have been no attempts to breach containment. Requests to downgrade to “Safe” have been denied, since this SCP has been known to destroy small towns in countries all over the world.]

Addendum: [

Known Species
SCP-1036 Variants Physical Description- many permutations have been seen and documented. Please report any other documented subspecies. Reactions to personnel or other objects
-01 The Hive State- appears to be a snack-food bag of the same type as the instances of -02 It will attack people if they are alone in a room, using a swarm of -02.
-02 The worker class- smaller version of the snack food than expected. Usually looks like a swarm of flying Goldfish. Generally hostile against a single person if they are alone, or aggressive towards anyone who walks in after the ecosystem has been established.
-03 The warrior class- larger snack food, same type as worker class. Very hostile against anything that moves- instances of large moving structures have been seen by robot probes before they were swarmed by foraging SCP-1036-02.
-04 Animal Crackers- the second most common form of the SCP, second to -02, and fulfill grazer roles. Grazers of this variety tend to act like the animal they are shaped as.
-05 Oreos- tend to form into plant-like structure, where each Oreo is capable of flying-saucer-esque flight. Believed to metabolize light or heat. Not dangerous.
-06 Salty/savory snacks- generally grazer or prey role. Whole bread loaves have been seen grazing, with small crumbs acting as defenders. Generally peaceful, unless stepped on. ->DO NOT STEP ON- We lost Agent Ignus’s leg below the knee- apparently the loaves can spontaneously create razor-sharp spikes. The steel boots are no protection against whole-wheat spikes apparently. I will request a greater budget to allow us to use Titanium-plated boots for any more excursions into the Commissary. -Dr. Mephistopheles
-07 Sweet/Sour snacks- generally predators. We lost two assistant researchers and fourteen D-Class personnel to a pack of small birthday cakes today. One of the good assistants too! No more excursions into the Commissary with living personnel. Use the robots. I do not want to explain to the O-5 council that more people are dead because of a sugar-laden dessert. -Dr. Mephistopheles

Use of D-Class personnel or any living eukaryotic organism as an experimental subject is not permitted by order of Project ‘Bakers world’ leader Dr. Mephistopheles.

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